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Class Class XII
Subject Accountancy
Year 2022-23
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Delhi Class 12 Accountancy Sample Question Paper

Download Delhi Education Department DoE Delhi Class 12th Accountancy Sample Question Paper 2022-23

Download Delhi Board All Classes Sample Question Papers 2022-23 Here

Download Delhi Class 12th Accountancy Sample Question Paper

Delhi Class 12 Accountancy Sample Question Paper Download Here

Delhi Class 12 Accountancy Sample Questions

1. In the absence of partnership deed, interest on capital is allowed at the rate of:
a) 6% p.a. simple interest
b) 6% p.a. compound interest
c) 12% simple interest
d) None of the above

2. Interest on loan to a partner is shown in: 1
a) Dr. side of Profit And Loss Appropriation A/c
b) Cr. side of Profit And Loss Appropriation A/c
c) Dr. side of Profit And Loss A/c
d) Cr. side of Profit And Loss A/c.

3. Which one of the following items is not an appropriation out of profits?
a) Interest on capital
b) Salary to a partner
c) Commission to a partner
d) Interest on partner’s loan.

4. Following are essential elements of a partnership firm except:
a) At least two persons
b) There is an agreement between all partners
c) Equal share of profits and losses
d) Partnership agreement is for some lawful business activity.

5. Any change in the relationship of existing partners which results in an end of the existing agreement and enforces making of new agreement is called:
(a) Revaluation of partnership
(b) Reconstitution of partnership
(c) Realisation of partnership
(d) None of the above

6. The ratio in which a partner surrenders his share in favour of a partner is known as:
(a) New profit-sharing ratio
(b) Sacrificing Ratio
(c) Gaining Ratio
(d) Capital Ratio

7. For which of the following situations, the old profit-sharing ratio of partners is used at the time of admission of a new partner?
a. When new partner brings only a part of his share of goodwill.
b. When new partner is not able to bring his share of goodwill.
c. When, at the time of admission, goodwill already appears in the balance sheet.
d. When new partner brings his share of goodwill in cash.

8. Assertion (A): At the time of admission, if profit sharing ratio among old partner does not change then sacrificing ration will be old profit-sharing ratio.
Reason ( R) : Old profit ratio plus new profit sharing ratio is sacrificing ratio.
On the basis of above Assertion and Reason choose the correct answer from the options given below. Codes

(a) Both Assertion (A) and Reason (R) are true and Reason (R) is the correct explanation of Assertion (A)
(b) Both Assertion (A) and Reason (R) are true, but Reason (R) is not the correct explanation of Assertion (A)
(c) Assertion (A) is false, but Reason (R) is true
(d) Assertion (A) is true, but Reason (R) is false

9. A and B are in partnership sharing profits in the ratio of 3:2. they take C as a new Partner. Goodwill of the firm is valued at Rs3,00,000 and C brings Rs30,000 as his Share of goodwill In cash which is entirely credited to the Capital Account of A. New Profit sharing ratio will be:

10. The profits for the previous three years are given below:
2018-2019 Rs.23,000 (including an abnormal gain of Rs.8,000)
2019-2020 Rs.40,000 (after charging an abnormal loss of Rs.12,000)
2020-2021 Rs.38,000 (after writing off bad debts amounting to Rs.6,000)
The amount of goodwill at two years purchase of the average profits of the last three years will be ___________.

(a) Rs.65,000
(b) Rs.70,000
(c) Rs. 68,000
(d) Rs.35,000

11. Name the head of Capital Clouse of Memorundum of Association of a company in which maximum amount of
share capital mentioned is called _____.
(a) Reserve Capital
(b) Subscribed Capital
(c) Authorised Capital
(d) Issued Capital

12. The part of un-called capital, to be called only in the liquidation of a company is called:
(a) Un-reserved Capital
(b) Reserve Capital
(c) Capital Reserve
(d) Calls-in Arrears

13. A company issued 40,000 preference shares of ₹ 100 per share at par payable as under: On Application : 20%
On Allotment : 40% On First & Final Call : balance Applications were received for 50,000 shares. Allotment was made on pro-rata basis. How much amount will be received in cash on allotment?

(a) 14,00,000
(b) 16,00,000
(c) 18,00,000
(d) 20,00,000

14. AB Ltd purchased a Machinery from XY Ltd for ₹ 4,50,000. AB Ltd immediately paid ₹ 90,000 by Bank Draft and the balance by issue of preference share of ₹ 100 each at 20% premium for the purchase consideration of Machinery to XY Ltd. Shares issued by AB Ltd?
(a) 3,000 preference share
(b) 30,000 preference shares
(c) 3,600 preference shares
(d) 36,000 preference shares

15. At the time of dissolution of firm, “Loan of partners” (Loans given by partners to the firm) is paid out of the amount realised on sale of assets :
(a) After making the payment of loans given by third party
(b) After making the payment of balance of Capital Accounts of partners
(c) After making the payment of above (A) and (B)
(d) Before the payment of loans given by third

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