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Class Class XI
Subject Physical Education
Year 2022-23
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Delhi Class 11 Physical Education Sample Question Paper

Download Delhi Education Department DoE Delhi Class 11th Physical Education Sample Question Paper 2022-23

Download Delhi Board All Classes Sample Question Papers 2022-23 Here

Download Delhi Class 11th Physical Education Sample Question Paper

Delhi Class 11 Physical Education Sample Question Paper Download Here

Delhi Class 11 Physical Education Sample Questions

1. Asthanga Yog has _______ elements.
a. 6
b. 7
c. 8
d. 10

2. “Physical education is sum of those experiences which come to the individual through movement.” Who gave the above definition?
a. Delbert Oberteuffer
b. C.C. Covel
c. J.B. Nash
d. J.F. Williams

3 . The ability of the muscles to overcome the resistance is defined as __________.
a. Strength
b. Endurance
c. Speed
d. Agility

4. How many components Health Related Physical Fitness have?
a. 4
b. 5
c. 6
d. 7


Which among the following is a component of Skill related fitness?
a. Muscular Endurance
b. Agility
c. Muscular Strength
d. Body Composition

5. _________________ helps children with special needs in performing activities related to fine motor skills, like eating, dressing, bathing and grooming etc.
a. Physiotherapist
b. Counsellor
c. Physical Education Teacher
d. Occupational Therapist

6. The state of being healthy and free from disease is called as______________.
a. Health
b. Physical Fitness
c. Wellness
d. Well Being

7. Which among the following Olympic motto means Faster?
a. Citius
b. Altius
c. Fortius
d. Communiter


Which day is celebrated as an Olympic Day?
a. 23 June
b. 25 June
c. 28 June
d. 30 June

8 . Any disruption due to which an individual is not able to perform his daily human activities is known as _______________.
a. Disability
b. Disorder
c. Illness
d. Diseases

9. The ancient Olympic Games were held in the honor of which God?
a. Apollo
b. Hermes
c. Poseidon
d. Zeus


Who among the following has won two Olympic Games Medals for India?
a. Saina Nehwal
b. P V Sindhu
c. Bajrang Punia
d. Neeraj Chopra

10. Which among the following is not a physical disability?
a. Dyslexia
b. Amputee
c. Cerebral Palsy
d. Hearing Impairment

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