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DelE Sample Question Papers

DelE Education Department, Government of NCT of Delhi, Class VII Sample Question Papers 2018-19

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Download Class VII Sample Question Papers

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Class VII English Sample Questions

Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :
Rohan and Sohan wanted to make a Snowman. They glanced out the window and saw all of the snow that had fallen the night before. They bundled up and headed outside. Rohan rolled up three balls of snow and stacked them on top of each other. Sohan used rocks to make the eyes and mouth and a carrot for the snowman’s nose. Next, they found sticks to give the snowman arms. The two children stood back and looked at their snowman. They loved it!

Based on your reading , answer the following questions :
a. What did Rohan and sohan wanted to make?

b. Rohan rolled up ______ balls of snow
i. Three
ii. Five
iii. Seven

c. Did he stack the balls on top of each other ?

d. What did Sohan use to make the eyes of the snowman?

e. The snowman’s nose was made up of ________
i. Cabbage
ii. Tomato
iii. Carrot

f.How did they make the arms of the snowman?

g. Find the opposite of ‘hatred’ from the paragraph above.

Fill in the blanks with Conjunctions( and, or , but ) :
Soni loves to sing _____ dance in the annual day .
I tried my best to complete my syllabus _______ failed.

Identify and underline the verb in the given sentences:
I brush my teeth everyday.
The cat slept under the tree.

Choose the most suitable preposition :
The squirrel played ___ the branch.(with, off, on)
The cake was distributed ________ the poor.(in,between,among)

Rearrange the jumbled words into meaningful sentences:

Fill in the blanks with is/am/are/was/were/has/have :
I _____ going to Amritsar
They _____done the test properly.

Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow:
When Gopal reached the court
Gatekeeper: What do you want?
Gopal : I want to see the king!
Gatekeeper: You can’t see the King ! Get away with you!
Gopal began to dance and sing loudly
What did Gopal want?
Was he allowed to see the king?
Gopal began to ______ and sing loudly.

Read the lines given below and answer the questions that follow:
He got out the ladder
From the garden shed
It slipped. He landed
In the flower bed
Who got out the ladder?
Where did he land?
Write the past tense of ‘Slip’ from the lines above.

Answer the following questions as directed:
Did the king like Gopal’s idea?
How many times did the father climb the tree?
What are some common uses of free?
Trees are for apples to ______ on them. (grow/fall)
Did the father lose hope in saving the cat?
What did Gopal smear his face with?

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