Department NCT Delhi Education Department
Class Class XII (12th Standard)
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Subject Home Science
Year 2020-2021
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DelE Class XII Question Bank

DelE Education Department, Government of NCT of Delhi, Class XII Home Science Question Bank.

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Download Class XII Home Science Question Bank

Delhi Class XII Home Science Question Bank Download Here

Class XII Home Science Sample Questions

Q 1. _____________ is a set of activities with an intended set of outcomes.
Q 2. Work as a ____________ derives from an inner satisfaction or higher direction.
Q 3. _____________ is one of the many crafts that are found in Assam.
Q 4. Article ___________________ of the constitution of India guarantees equality of opportunities for all citizens in matters relating to employment and appointment to any office under the State.

Q 5. Match the Following
A. Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Yojna i) Entrepreneurship
B. Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalya ii) Safety of Girl Child
C. Adjustment of Human and Machine iii) Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan
D. Creating New and Innovative Enterprise iv) Ergonomics

Choose the right option
(a) A(i), B(iv), C(iii), D(ii)
(b) A(iii), B(iv), C(i), D(ii)
(c) A(ii ), B(iii), C(iv), D(i)
(d) A(ii ), B(iii), C(iv), D(i)

Q 6. Match the Following
A. Fruits, vegetables, pulses and wheat i) Orissa
B. Tea, Coffee, Cardamom and Rubber ii) Kerala
C. Shola Craft iii) Crops of Cash Importance
D. Coconut Craft iv) Crops of Economic Importance

Choose the right Option
(a) A(i), B(ii), C(iii), D(iv)
(b) A(iii), B(iv), C(i), D(ii)
(c) A(iv ), B(iii), C(ii), D(i)
(d) A(ii ), B(iii), C(iv), D(i)

Q 7. Write the full form of the following –
1. N.G.O.
2. I.P.R.
3. E.S.I. Act
4. N.P.A.
5. K.G.B.V.
6. R.T.E.
7. K.V.I.C.
8. B.B.B.P

Q9. ______________________________ are abilities that enable people to behave in healthy ways, particularly in situations that challenge them.
a) Physical Labour
b) Attitude
c) Life Skills
d) Values

Q10. _____________ refers to the biological categorisation based on genetics and reproductive organs.
a) Gender
b) Sex
c) Male
d) Female

Q11. Demands and challenges of everyday life can be dealt with various ____________.
a) Interpersonal skills
b) Communication skills
c) Life Skills
d) Management skills

Q12. Efficiency at work place can be increased by ________.
a) Economics
b) Biodynamics
c) Dramatics
d) Ergonomics

Q13. The social and cultural practices in every society determine the____ role and the type of work they do.
a) Students
b) Gender
c) Siblings
d) Workers

Q14. Work which is useful to the society or to others, is done responsibly and is enjoyable to the worker is called _______________
a) Meaningless work
b) Meaningful work
c) Physical Work
d) Project Work

Q15. One of the main traditional occupations in Indian villages is _____________.
a) Fashion designing
b) Origami
c) Ikebana
d) Handicrafts

Q16. Who among the given names is an eminent woman entrepreneur?
a) Kiran Mazumdar Shaw
b) Kiran Mazumdar Khan
c) Mira Mazumdar Khan
d) Mira Mazumdar Shaw

Q17. An individual’s experience of job satisfaction or dissatisfaction is considerably influenced by his ______.
a) friends
b) attitudes
c) upbringing
d) family

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