Board Central Board of Secondary Education [CBSE]
Department Department of Skill Education
Class Class X
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Year  2020-21
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CBSE Skill Education Sample Question Papers 2020-21

Download CBSE Skill Education Class 10th Sample Question Papers 2020-21 With Answer Key Online

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Download CBSE Class 10th Sample Question Papers 2020-21

CBSE Skill Education Class 10th Sample Questions

Information Technology
Section A: Objective Type Questions

Q. 1 Answer any 4 out of the given 6 questions on Employability Skills
i. Karan lives at a hostel in Shimla. He calls his mother who lives in Delhi, to get her approval for the robotics class which is going to start in his school next week onwards. However, due to disruption in the phone line, his mother could not understand and reply to him. He got very upset. Which another medium can he use to get immediate approval of his mother?
a) E-mail
b) Letter
c) Message through Friend
d) Fax

ii. Trisha is always tense during exam time. She is a sincere and studious student, but the thought of exams creates anxiety in her. Which stress management technique that you would suggest to help her?
a) Yoga
b) Exercise
c) Vacation with Family
d) All of these

iii. ______________ ability of a person to do the things that need to be done without someone or something influencing us.
a) Self-Motivation
c) Self Discipline
b) Self Awareness
d) Self-Regulation

iv. According to the concept of sustainable development, the environment and development are _________issues.
a) Inseparable
b) Separate
c) Independent
d) None of these

v. The cleaning of software installed in the computer cannot be achieved by ____________.
a) Disk cleanup
b) backup
c) Cleaning CPU cabinet
d) Installing antivirus software

vi. Entrepreneurship has a crucial role in the ____________ of the society.
a) Evolution
b) Planning
c) Functioning
d) None of these

Q. 2 Answer any 5 out of the given 6 questions
i _______________ is not an instant messaging service.
a) Skype
b) Yahoo! Messenger
c) Firefox
d) Whatsapp

ii ______ is the process of emptying a place in case of an emergency, disaster.
a) Accident
b) Evacuation
c) Hazards
d) Exiting

iii Richard needs to set up a network for his office where he wants to save all the data in a centralized system and other computers will take the services from the centralized system. Which architecture will be the best suitable for him?
a) Peer to Peer
b) Client-Server
c) Point to Point
d) Ring

iv A _________ is a device that converts digital computer signals into a form (analog signals) that can travel over phone lines and vice versa.
a) Repeater
b) Switch
c) Router
d) Modem

v __________is specifically designed to minimize or maximize the result according to a set of rules that you define in a spreadsheet.
a) Goal Seek
b) Scenario
c) Solver
d) Subtotal

vi ___________ refers to the vertical or horizontal placement of a graphic in relation to the chosen anchor point.
a) Alignment
b) Footer
c) Margin
d) Headings

Q. 3 Answer any 5out of the given 6 questions:
i Krishna wants to make a flowchart for his programs in a Word document. Which option should he use to accomplish this task efficiently?
a) Drawing/Shapes
b) Symbols
c) Pictures
d) All of these

ii Fatima has inserted a picture in a document. But she wants to cut off a part of the picture. Which option she should use to accomplish the task?
a) Cut
b) Copy
c) Crop
d) Layout

iii The intersection point between a row and column is called _______.
a) Row
b) Column
c) Table
d) Cell

iv Amrita is celebrating her 14th birthday. She wants to invite her friends and family members to the party. Which feature will she use to send the same invite to many people with different addresses without typing it again and again?
a) Mail Merge
b) Letter wizard
c) Document Type
d) None of these

v A ____ is a model that you use to create other documents.
a) Styles
b) Template
c) Wizard
d) Sample

vi Formulas in a Spreadsheet must begin with a __________ sign.
a) $
b) @
c) #
d) =

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