Department West Bengal School Education Department
Exam National Talent Search Examination [NTSE]
Qualification Student Studying Class 10th
Download Previous Year Question Papers
Year 2013 to 2021
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WBSED NTSE Scholarship Exam Question Paper

Download West Bengal School Education Department, National Talent Search Examination [NTSE] Previous Year Question Papers

Download WBSED NMMS Scholarship Exam Previous Year Question Paper West Bengal Here

Download WBSED NTSE Scholarship Exam Question Paper

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WBSED NTSE Scholarship Exam Sample Questions

Read the questions carefully and give the answer by putting a cross-mark (x) inside the circle of the letter denoting your selected answer on the Answer-Sheet.

1. When the price of onion is decreased by 25% it becomes Rs. 48/Kg. What was the previous price’?
(a) Rs.80/Kg.
(b) Rs. 56/Kg.
(c) Rs. 641K.g.
(d) Rs. 961K.g.

2. A cistern can be filled up by two pumps in 20 minutes and 30 minutes respectively. They are made to run jointly, but for technical fault the 2nd pump was run alone lastly for 10 minutes. For what time they are run jointly?
(a) 4 minutes
(b) 6 minutes
(c) 8 minutes
(d) 10 minutes

3. In a class there are 38 students of age average 15 years. When two new students in the age ratio 1·4:1·6admitted, the age average did not change. Then the age of the younger student be admitted is
(a) 7 years
(b) 8 years
(c) 14 years
(d) 16 years

4. When the price of groceries increased by 25%, the amount of groceries sold decreased by 25%. The effect on the sales of a shop is
(a) 5% increase
(b) 10%decrease
(c) 10% increase
(d) % decrease

5. The perimeter of a rectangle and a square is same, i.e. 80 meter. But length and breadth of the rectangle is in the ratio 3:5. The ratio of area of rectangle: square is
(a) 8:7
(b) 3:5
(c) 5:3
(d) 7:8

6. If (a-b) is 6 more than (c+d) and (a+b) is 3 less than (c-d), then (a-c) is
(a) 0·5
(b) 1
(c) 1·5
(d) 2·0

7. Choose the two correct numbers in the ‘-‘ marked places of the multiplication below -7-9 x5/ 33945
(a) 8,4
(b) 6,8
(c) 4,8
(d) 8,6

8. It is known that 20% of the mangoes are rotten. If the number of rotten mangoes is 35, then the total number of mangoes is
(a) 150
(b) 180
(c) 175
(d) 185

9. In a family the father took 1/4 of the cake and he had 3 times as much as others had. The total number of family members is
(a) 3
(b) 15
(c) 10
(d) 12

Instructions to Candidates
1. In this Paper you are to answer 50 questions. Each question carries one mark. You are to answer all the questions.
2. Find out the correct answer to an item given in the test booklet out of alternatives 0, ®, 0 and @) and put a cross-mark inside the circle Q9 surrounding the corresponding correct answer to the item in the Answer-Sheet. Example: 0. ®, 0· @) (Here ‘b’ is the correct answer.)
3. It may be presumed that the answer given by you in the first attempt is incorrect and you want to revise your answer. Black~ the circle completely and then put a cross-mark afresh inside the circle you think right.You are not, owever,permitted to revise your answer more than once in each case.
4. However, there will be no penalty marks for a wrong answer.
5. You are to start recording answers with the word ‘start’ from the Officer-in-Charge of your room hall.
6. You are to write your name and Roll No. in the space provided for this purpose on the Answer-Sheet and Roll No. only on the cover-page of the Question Booklet. Do not write your name in any part of the Question Booklet.

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