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Exam B.A. [III Year]
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DBHPS Madras B.A. [III Year] Question Papers

Download Dakshin Bharath Hindi Prachar Sabha [DBHPS] Madras, B.A. [ III Year] Previous Year Model Question Papers

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“Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha” was established in the year 1918 by our beloved Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi with the sole aim of propagating Hindi in southern states. The first Pracharak was none other than Devadoss Gandhi son of Mahatma Gandhi.

“Hindi Prachar” was a movement that emerged as part of Freedom Movement and the leaders who led the nation to “FREE INDIA” felt the necessity of making a single Indian Language the National Language, and through that language unify the people and thereby intensify National Integration.

Download DBHPS B.A. [III Year] Question Papers

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DBHPS B.A. [III Year] English Question Paper

History of English Literature
I . Answer any THREE of the following questions: 03×10=30
1. Explain chaucer’s importance in the history of English Literature.
2. Give an account of comparative barrenness of literary production in England in the 15th Century.
3. Write the Characteristics of Shakespearean comedy.
4. Explain the causes of Reformation.
5. Explain the main characteristics of milton’s poetry.
6. Discuss the chief literary trends of the 17th century.

II. Answer any FIVE of the following questions: 05×06=30
1. Write a short note on Scottish chaucerians.
2. What do you understand by ‘Renaissance’?
3. What did Sidney contribute to the development of English poetry?
4. Write a note on Sir Thomas Browne.
5. Discuss the contribution of women poets to the Restoration poetry.
6. Write note on Shelley’s Lyricism.
7. Discuss the development of essay in the twentieth century.
8. Write sheridan’s contribution to English comedy during the eighteenth century.
9. Estimate Ruskin’s contribution to English literature.
10. Discuss the main characteristics of the Modern novel.

III. Write short note on any THREE of the following topics: 03×05=15
1. Dryden as a satirist.
2. The picaresque novel & Tom Jones.
3. H.G. Wells.
4. Growth of periodical essays.
5. Morality plays – Growth & Significance.
6. The Chief Characteristics of pre-raphaelite poetry

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