Exam Computer on Office Automation [COA]
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Year 2021
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TNTCIA COA Model Question Paper 2021

Download Tamilnadu Typewriting-Computer Institutes’ Association [TNTCIA] Computer on Office Automation [COA] Exam Model Question Paper 2021

Download All TNTCIA Exam Model Question Papers Here

Download TNTCIA COA Model Question Paper

TNTCIA COA Model Question Paper 2021 Download Here

TNTCIA COA Model Questions

Fill in the blanks: – 10×1=10
1. _________ are employed for specialized application that required immense amount of mathematical calculation. __________ CPU of a single computer can be used by many users simultaneously.
2. Linux is a unit based operating system created by__________.
3. __________ determine the distance between the text and the edge of the paper.
4. Column breaks in multi-columnar text open office writer shortcut key_________.
5. __________ Feature fill cell data (or) series of data in a worksheet into a select range of cells.
6. _________ Number of row at the top sheet or a number of columns on the left of a spreadsheet.
7. Data base created by Open office are in the __________ format.
8. Task pane pops up on its own for certain actives as well as when __________Start.
9. Modem converts the computer data into __________ signals that the telephone line can transmit.

Match the Following: – 10×1=10
1. Posting – font effect
2. Ctrl+shift+spacebar – memory
3. Subscript – entries in the ledger.
4. DDR – search engine
5. Catch memory – ISDN
6. Google – replace
7. Ctrl+H – stdin, stdout
8. Redirection untilities – select entire worksheet
9. Broadband – find related records
10. VLOOKUP – high speed data access

Choose the best answer: – 10×1=10
1. The Term GIGO is related to _________. (a) Speed (b) accuracy (c) reliability (d) automatic
2. When entering field name how many characters you can type in Maximum. (a) 16 (b) 64 (c) 128 (d) 256
3. In ms-word view menu header and footer are visible in ______. (a) print layout (b) web layout (c) page layout (d) Draft
4. Doughnut is type of ______ Chart in excel. (a) bar (b) column (c) line (d) pie
5. A list of instructions used by a computer is called as ______. (a) language (b) text (c) program (d) output
6. To insert a new slide in PPT press______. (a) Ctrl+M (b) Ctrl+D (c) Ctrl+T (d) Ctrl+I
7. Hyperlink is a data type in MS-Access used to link a location on the _______. (a)web (b)file (c)internet (d) record
8. The default extension of calc file is ________. (a) .odf (b) .odw (c) .ods (d) .odcalc
9. A wireless technology built in electronic gadget used for exchange data over a short distance is ______ (a) Bluetooth (b) wi-fi (c) modem (d) USB
10. What commend is used to create directory in Linux? (a) mddir (b) mkdir (c) rmdir (d) cd

True or False: – 10×1=10
1. The operating system manages only on resources.
2. VARCHAR ignore case is a valid data type is base.
3. Bridges are network layer devices.
4. A track changes is a way of MS-Word to keep track of the change made a document.
5. Word in the computer consists of 13bit.
6. Root is the name of normal user account in Linux.
7. Impress cannot be used for commercial purpose.
8. Videos cannot be played using MS-PPT.
9. The protect sheet option can be found in the review tab of the ribbon.
10. The function key F5 is used to check spelling.

Write Short Answer for Questions: – 15×2=30
1. Mention some characteristics of a computer system?
2. How the letters are formed in the dot matrix printer?
3. Definition of graphical user interface?
4. Explain about the CAT Command in Linux?
5. Write short notes on margin?
6. Describe the find and replace facility in writer?
7. How to you changes the column width in excel to fin the contents?
8. Differentiate work book and worksheet in Calc?
9. What are the uses of Database?
10. What is primary key and what is its use in MS-Access?
11. How do you open file in Impress?
12. What is the Linux Permission?
13. In MS-PPT, What is Place Holder?
14. How can we replace to a message we have received?
15. Write the name of Electronics Gadgets?

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