Recruitment TANGEDCO Field Assistant Trainee Recruitment 2021
Organization Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Limited [TANGEDCO]
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TANGEDCO Recruitment Syllabus

Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Limited [TANGEDCO] Field Assistant Trainee Recruitment Syllabus 2021

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Download TANGEDCO Syllabus

TANGEDCO Field Assistant Trainee Syllabus 2021 Download

Field Assistant Trainee Syllabus

Part-I : General English
S.S.L.C. Standard (Objective Type)

1. Match the following words and Phrases given in Column A with their meanings in Column B.
2. Choose the correct ‘Synonyms’ for the underlined word from the options given
3. Choose the correct ‘Antonyms’ for the underlined word from the options given
4. Select the correct word (Prefix and Suffix)
5. Fill in the blanks with suitable Article
6. Fill in the blanks with suitable Preposition
7. Select the correct Question Tag
8. Select the correct Tense
9. Select the correct Voice
10. Fill in the blanks (Infinitive, Gerund and Participle)
11. Identify the sentence pattern of the following sentence (Subject, Verb and Object.)Blanks with correct ‘Homophones’
12. Find out the Error (Articles, Prepositions, Noun, Verb, Adjective and Adverb)
13. Comprehension
14. Select the correct sentence
15. Find out the odd words (Verb, Noun, Adjective and Adverb)
16. Select the correct Plural forms
17. Identify the sentence (Simple, Compound and Complex Sentence)
18. Identify the correct Degree.
19. Form a new word by blending the words.
20. Form compound words (Eg: Noun+Verb and Gerund+Noun)

Part –II : Aptitude & Mental Ability Tests
Conversion of information to data Collection, compilation and presentation of data Tables, graphs, diagrams Analytical interpretation of data Simplification –Percentage Highest Common Factor (HCF) Lowest Common Multiple (LCM) Ratio and Proportion Simple interest Compound interest Time and Work Logical Reasoning – Puzzles Visual Reasoning Number Series.

Part -III : Field Assistant (ITI – Electrician/Wireman)
1. Basic Safety introduction – Personal protection – Elementary First Aid.
2. Fundamental of electricity. Electron theory-free, Electron – Fundamental terms, definitions, units & effects of electric current
3. Properties of conductors, insulators and semi-conductors. Types of wires & cables standard wire gauge.
4. Ohm’s Law, Simple electrical Circuits and problems. Kirchoff’s Laws and applications, Wheatstone bridge principle.
5. Routine care & maintenance of Batteries. Electric Wirings, I.E. rules, Types of wirings. Earthing.
6. Wiring System – PVC, concealed system. Fuses, Relays, Miniature circuit breakers (MCB), ELCB, etc.
7. Working principle of Transformer. Classification C.T., P.T. Instrument. Type of Cooling for transformer, Protective Devices.
8. Electrical Measuring Instruments-Types – Ammeter, Voltmeter, Multimeter, Wattmeter, P.F.Meter & Energy Meter.
9. Induction Motor – Single phase, Three phase working principle. Construction, characteristics. Transformer Winding.
10. Generation sources of energy, Types of fuels, Various ways of electrical power generation
11. Introduction of Single phase, three phase- 3 wire system in transmission lines. Overhead Lines. Main components of overhead lines. Standard Conductor materials, line supports, insulators, types of insulators. Under Ground Cable – Construction of cables.
12. Distribution of Power – Function and equipment used in Sub-Station. Classification of Distribution System. Circuit Breakers – Introduction & classification of Circuit Breakers. Lightning arrestors.

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