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Silver Zone Little Star UKG Olympiad

Learning & Practice LKG Student Syllabus for Maths, English and EVS for the students of UKG!

Download Silver Zone Little Star Olympiad LKG Syllabus & Practice Question Here

Download Silver Zone Little Star Olympiad UKG Syllabus & Practice Question

Download Syllabus Download Practice Question
Silver Zone Little Star Olympiad UKG English Syllabus Silver Zone Little Star Olympiad UKG English Practice Question
Silver Zone Little Star Olympiad UKG Maths Syllabus Silver Zone Little Star Olympiad UKG Maths Practice Question
Silver Zone Little Star Olympiad UKG EVS Syllabus Silver Zone Little Star Olympiad UKG EVS Practice Question

Silver Zone Little Star Olympiad UKG English Olympiad

We need language to learn, to retain and to recall our knowledge. It is the primary need of the child. In a multilingual country like India, English is one of the main communication languages. Silverzone Little Star English Olympiad is, therefore, a platform which gives the children an opportunity to boast their multilingual development, which is age appropriate and without the strict divide between the world of learning language and play.

Silver Zone Little Star Olympiad UKG English Syllabus

Letters of English alphabet, Strokes, Identification of objects, Word formation, Action words, Introduction to gender

Unit 1: Letters of English alphabet
• Writing letters of alphabet
• Capital letters & small letters
• After letters
• Before letters
• Between letters
• Missing letters
• English UKG

Unit 2: Strokes
• Standing line
• Sleeping line
• Forward slant line
• Backward slant line
• Right open curve
• Left open curve
• Upward open curve
• Downward open curve
• Zigzag lines
• Upward loops
• Downward loops

Unit 3: Identification of objects
• Identifying pictures beginning with letters
• Identifying cartoon characters
• Identifying people and profession

Unit 4: Word formation
• Two letter words
• Three letter words
• Four letter words

Unit 5: Action words
• Understanding meaning
• Writing spellings
• Opposite words
• Singular and plural
• One and many
• Introduction to gender

Silver Zone Little Star Olympiad UKG Math Olympiad

Little Star Mathematics Olympiad has been designed to provide the foundation a child needs to succeed in elementary school and beyond. For example, number sense, or the basic learning about numbers. It is the first vital math skill a child must develop before reaching elementary level. In a nutshell, the basic mathematics skills that the Olympiad would help to instil in a child will set the building blocks for his entire academic career.

Silver Zone Little Star Olympiad UKG Math Syllabus

Numbers , Playing with Numbers, Classifying and Comparing Objects, Size and Shape, Money, Time and Calendar

Unit 1: Numbers
• Writing Numbers
• Counting Numbers 1 to 20
• Skip Counting 2 and 5
• Showing Numbers on Ten
• Frames (1 to 10)
• Forward and Backward
• Counting from 1 to 10

Unit 2: Playing with Numbers
• Numbers in Order
• After, Before and Between the Numbers (1 to 20)
• Addition and Subtraction up to 10
• Comparing Numbers 1 to 20
• Comparing by Counting
• Objects
• Addition and Subtraction
• using Objects
• Representation of Numbers
• using Dots and Symbols
• Identifying Missing
• Numbers

Unit 3: Classifying and Comparing Objects
• Positions
• Same and Different
• Big and Small
• Long and Short
• Tall and Short
• More and Less
• Heavy and Light
• Full and Empty
• Thick and Thin
• Wide and Narrow

Unit 4: Size and Shape
• Identifying Shapes (Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle, Oval), Name of Shapes
• Identifying Solid Figures (Sphere, Cube, Cone, Cylinder)
• Name of Solid Figures
• Classifying and Sort by
• Colour and Shape
• Comparing Size and Shape
• Colour Patterns
• Size Patterns, Shape
• Patterns
• Growing Patterns

Unit 5: Money
• Identifying Coins

Unit 6: Time and Calendar
• Days of a Week
• Seasons of the Year
• Months of the Year

Silver Zone Little Star Olympiad UKG EVS Olympiad

India’s National Policy on Education (1986) states, “There is a paramount need to create a consciousness of the environment. It must permeate all ages and all sections of the society beginning with the child.” Toeing the line, Silverzone Little Star EVS Olympiad has been designed, such that the children are able to understand, appreciate, develop and adopt a multidisciplinary perspective of environment and its conservation.

Silver Zone Little Star Olympiad UKG EVS Syllabus

Myself, Safety, People who help us, Transport, Seasons, Plants, Animals, Music, Games & Festivals, Colours

Unit 1: Myself
• My body parts
• Sense organs
• My family
• My home
• My school
• Food
• Clothes

Unit 2: Safety
• At home
• On the road
• At the playground
• Good manners

Unit 3: People Who Help Us
• Doctor, Teacher
• Policeman, Postman
• Carpenter, Farmer
• Fireman, Tailor

Unit 4: Transport
• Road, Water and Air

Unit 5: Seasons
• Summer, Winter and Rainy

Unit 6: Plants
• Types of plants
• Flowers
• Fruits & vegetables
• Parts of plants

Unit 7: Animals
• Wild & Domestic and Pet
• Homes of animals

Unit 8: Music, Games & Festivals
• Musical instruments
• Indoor games
• Outdoor games
• Religious festivals
• National Festivals

Unit 9: Colours
• Primary colours

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