Institute Silver Zone Foundation [SZF]
Olympiad International Social Studies Olympiad [iSSO]
Classes 1 to 10th
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Year 2019
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Silver Zone International Social Studies Olympiad [iSSO]

The detailed Syllabus and Sample Test Paper are provided in this website, click the following links to download the Syllabus and Sample Test Paper class wise. For Books please contact, School Coordinator or book your order online now.

Download Silver Zone International Reasoning & Mental Ability Olympiad [iRAO] Sample Paper Here

Download Silver Zone iSSO Sample Test Paper

Silver Zone iSSO Class 1st Sample Questions

1. We do not require help from whom of the following?
(A) Potter
(B) Barber
(C) Driver
(D) Actor

2. Fill in the blank. When we talk or write to someone it is called___________.
(A) communication
(B) information
(C) transportation
(D) supervision

3. Which of the following food we generally do not cook before eating?
(A) Cake
(B) Salad
(C) Bread
(D) Rice

4. Which of the following is an incorrect statement?
(A) Water is present as snow on high mountains.
(B) The earth has more water than it has land.
(C) Water found in oceans and seas are salty in taste.
(D) None of these

5. Which of the following should we use to cross road?
(A) Left side of the road
(B) Traffic light
(C) Zebra crossing
(D) Bi-cycle

6. Which of the following is regarded as the last food of the day?
(A) Dinner
(B) Brunch
(C) Breakfast
(D) Lunch

7. Give one word for the following. Band of seven colours
(A) Sun
(B) Stars
(C) Rainbow
(D) Cloud

Silver Zone iSSO Class 2nd Sample Questions

1. Which of the following will pollute our water?
(A) Throwing chocolate wrappers on road.
(B) Bathing in a swimming pool.
(C) Bursting crackers during Deepawali.
(D) Throwing rubbish in a river.

2. Saira is my best friend. She is well behaved, beautiful and very good in studies. But she cannot walk as her legs are very weak. Which of the following vehicles should she use to move around?
(A) Bi-cycle
(B) Tri- cycle
(C) Skating
(D) Wheelchair

3. Whom among the following will you not consider as one of our helpers?
(A) A courier boy
(B) A plumber
(C) An electrician
(D) A singer

4. During which of the following seasons the sun shines very brightly in the sky?
(A) Summer
(B) Rainy season
(C) Winter
(D) All of these

5. Identify the incorrect statement.
(A) Do not open the door of a moving vehicle.
(B) You may be fined for not using the seat belt while sitting on the front seat of a car.
(C) Run quickly across the road.
(D) Stand in a queue while waiting for a bus.

6. Fill in the blank. There are_______planets in our solar system.
(A) six
(B) eight
(C) seven
(D) nine

7. Suppose you need to purchase a pencil and an eraser before going to school next day morning. Where will you go to buy these?
(A) In a grocery shop
(B) In a chemist shop
(C) In a milk booth
(D) In a stationery shop

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