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SBI HRMS is a system used by the SBI employees and retired SBI employees. SBI HRMS or Human Resources Management System is an Infrastructure that helps the employees of SBI to get the full benefit of working with the State Bank of India.

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If you are an employee or a retired SBI employee, you can check your salary or pension slip with SBI HRMS. It also allows you to use SAP Portal, SBI HRMS IRJ Portal, SBI EMS Portal, SBI Coin Portal, SBI Salary Slip services. You can access this system by opening the web portal on the internet, or you can download the official App for the SBI HRMS.

How To Login SBI HRMS Portal?

1. Visit SBI HRMS Portal
2. Enter Employee User ID and Password
3. Enter Captcha Code
4. Login and Download Payslip & More

HRMS Services

Following services are available through HRMS portal,
1. Reimbursement of Monthly Expenses
2. PF – Automation, Lien Noting & Cancelation, Nomination Recording / Change, PF Withdrawal, PF Advance , One Can Generate The Statement Through HRMS, Gratuity Calculator
3. Salary Slips Through E-Mail
4. Site For Submission of Data Change, Submission of Investment Declaration
5. Reimbursement of Expenses On Account of Repairs / Maintenance
6. Reimbursement of Medical Expenses
7. Leave And Attendance. All The Branches/offices Are Here By Advised That No Manual Application/ Approval of Leave Should Be Allowed And On-Line Attendance Should Be Marked On Daily Basis In The HRMS.
8. Reimbursement Entertainment Expenses
9. Viewing of Details of Furniture / Fixtures
10. Birth Day Wish, Who’s Who
11. Submission of Life Certificate By Pensioners/Family Pensioners
12. Assets & Liabilities Declaration:
13. Employees’ Photo Upload Service
14. Apply For Award of Scholarships / LFC / HTC
15. Project: Gratuity Automation Payment of Gratuity In HRMS
16. Automation of Pension Proposal In HRMS
17. Reimbursement of Cost of Glucometer Through HRMS
18. Reimbursement of Post- Paid Mobile Bills To officers In Jmgs
19. Reimbursement of Travel Expenses Bills of officers For Deputation / Travel On official Duty
20. Transfer Tracking System (TTS) In HRMS
21. Project HRMS: : Automation of Payment of Honorarium On Completion of Approved Certificate Courses Approving Authority To Allow An Employee To Pursue Approved Courses
22. Rupee Prepaid Cards: Staff Incentive Cards (Achiever/Gift Card), Integration With HRMS Portal.
23. Online Service Sheet
24. Staff Pension Payment

Details About SBI HRMS Portal

Here are some details about the SBI HRMS Portal:
• The SBI HRMS Portal is a web-based human resource management system used by the State Bank of India (SBI).
• The portal provides a single-window access to a variety of HR-related services, such as employee records, leave management, payroll, and training.
• The portal is available to all SBI employees, including officers and staff.
• To access the portal, employees need to use their SBI ID and password.
• The portal is secure and all data is encrypted.
• The portal is regularly updated with new features and services.

Features of the SBI HRMS Portal

Here are some of the features of the SBI HRMS Portal:
• Employee records: The portal provides a complete record of each employee, including their personal details, educational qualifications, work experience, and performance appraisals.
• Leave management: The portal allows employees to apply for and manage their leave, such as sick leave, casual leave, and annual leave.
• Payroll: The portal provides employees with access to their payslip and other financial information.
• Training: The portal provides employees with access to a variety of training courses, both online and offline.
• Other services: The portal also provides employees with access to a variety of other HR-related services, such as performance appraisals, transfer requests, and grievance handling.

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