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Resonance STaRT Sample Question Papers

STaRT ( Student Talent Reward Test) is a National Level Talent Search & Reward Exam, which aims to reach out, identify, reward & nurture talented students across the country. In 2021 Edition now, STaRT has already become most preferred examination for students to compete nationally and assess their potential & performance. Download Resonance Student Talent Reward Test [STaRT] Sample Question Papers PDF Here

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Download Resonance STaRT Sample Question Papers

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Resonance STaRT Sample Questions

1. If you cover 100m distance in 60s with constant speed. Then find the distance covered in 1 s .
(A) 10/6 m
(B) 6/10m
(C) 6/3m
(D) zero

2. It is a wheel and axle with a groove around the outside
(A) Wedges
(B) Screw
(C) Wheels and axles
(D) Pulleys

3. A year was fixed as the time taken by the :
(A) Earth to complete one revolution around its axis.
(B) Earth to complete one revolution around the Sun.
(C) Moon to complete one revolution around the Earth.
(D) Satellite to complete one revolution around the Earth.

4. The planet that is also known as a ‘morning star’ is :
(A) Venus
(B) Jupiter
(C) Pluto
(D) Neptune

5. Varun is the Indian name of the :
(A) Pluto
(B) Jupiter
(C) Uranus
(D) Neptune

6. Arrange the steps in the formation of rainfall
(1) Condensation
(2) Evaporation
(3) Precipitation
(4) Formation of cloud

7. The state of matter which is most difficult to be compressed is
(A) liquid state.
(B) gaseous state.
(C) solid state.
(D) liquids and gases are equally compressible

8. Air occupies space and has :
(A) colour
(B) smell
(C) mass
(D) None of these

9. Homogeneous mixtures are:
(A) Air
(B) Alloys
(C) Water & oil Mixture
(D) Both (A) & (B)

10. Water is called the universal solvent because
(A) It dissolves in most of the liquids
(B) It can dissolve most of the substances
(C) It contains many salts and minerals
(D) It can exist in three states

11. In a flower, petals function is
(A) Protect the flower bud
(B) Produce pollen grain
(C) Attract pollinators
(D) None of these

12. After fertilization, the ovules change into –
(A) fruit
(B) seed
(C) cotyledon
(D) pollen grains

13. Which of the following are the male reproductive organs of a flower ?
(A) Sepals
(B) Petals
(C) Stamens
(D) carpels

14. The nervous sytem is responsible for ______________.
(A) picking up waste from every part of the body
(B) supporting our body
(C) controlling our thoughts, emotions, movements and co-ordinating our body functions.
(D) none of the given functions

15. Snakes move with help of
(A) legs
(B) scales
(C) limbs
(D) wriggling movement

16. Difference of the greatest 7 digit number and the smallest 5 digit number is
(A) 998999
(B) 9989999
(C) 99899
(D) 998099

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