Olympiad Name International Science Olympiad [ISO]
Organised By ITOlympiad Education Pvt Ltd [Indian Talent]
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Classes Classes 1 to 10th
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Official Website https://www.indiantalent.org/

Indian Talent International Science Olympiad

International Science Olympiad (ISO) exam is a global Olympiad competition where students from different schools across countries can take part. It gives budding talent a platform to test their skill sets. Such exams make students ready for national as well as international competitions. Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) conducts Science Olympiad which is one of the best & most proficient Olympiads which nurtures the aspiring talent.

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The Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) team conducting Olympiad exams consists of professionals from various science fields who understand the exact requirement of students. The test questions are based on applied science. It uplifts the existing knowledge of students on different topics of physics, chemistry, and biology. This exam has two levels.

Download Indian Talent ISO Olympiad Sample Paper

Indian Talent Olympiad provides mock papers, also known as demo test papers, actually being the previous year’s question papers. Below is a sample of the question paper for students to understand the pattern of the exam.

Class Sample Paper
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Class 10 Download Here

How To Prepare For Science Olympiad?

Indian Talent Olympiad prepares its study materials for Science Olympiad workbooks and previous year question papers for class 1 to class 10 students. Preparation done with proper study material helps students to achieve their academic goals by performing well in competitive exams like International Science Olympiad. An effort to search for the right study material for the Olympiads is reduced. Students can order the preparation materials for Science Olympiad online from the website of Indian Talent Olympiad.

Science Olympiad Workbook

Olympiad workbooks are highly informative. Students can purchase workbooks for all subjects from Indian Talent Olympiad. These books are designed by experts who have a strong command over subjects. Students find it very easy to refer to these books as the language used is friendly and easy to understand. The motive of Olympiad workbooks is to allow students to comprehend questions in the best way possible. The workbooks include plenty of multiple-choice questions with answers. All questions have explanations to correct answers. It becomes easy for students to realize why the answers are correct.

Science Olympiad Syllabus

Olympiad exam syllabus is based on the existing school curriculum. These are competitive exams that act as additional practice for all participants. These exams help students to prepare for their upcoming school tests. It becomes very easy to understand concepts when students participate in Indian Talent Olympiad’s exams. The International Science Olympiad (ISO) is open for students from class 1 to class 10. It teaches them scientific concepts in the most practical way. Students of class 1 are introduced to basic topics of science such as plants, animals, good habits, earth, sky, transport, etc.

International Science Olympiad Exam

Annual Olympiad and Monthly Olympiad conducted for International Science Olympiad are based on the regular school syllabus of the student. Olympiad Practice materials help students to focus on the studies and do well in their academics.

Science Annual Olympiad

Annual Olympiads are the most prestigious exams conducted every year by Indian Talent Olympiad. Lakhs of students participate in these exams with a lot of confidence and excitement. These exams are conducted twice, in December and February respectively. The Annual Olympiads consists of 35 questions for class 1 to class 4 and 50 questions for class 5 to class 10. The subjects for the annual Olympiads include International Science Olympiad (ISO). There are also Olympiads for Maths, English, General Knowledge, Drawing, Computer, Essay, and Social Studies. The Annual Olympiad Exam can be taken in online/offline mode

Students participating individually or through the school for online exams can appear for this exam from any device such as Laptop, Computer, Mobile, or Tablet. The online exams of Science, Maths, English, GK, Computer, and Social Studies are for 45 minutes, however, the Drawing exam is for 60 minutes and the Essay exam is for 40 minutes. Students who opt for the drawing and the essay exam must upload images within the given time. These exams can be taken any time between 10:00 and 6:00 pm. Check the timetable and the upcoming slot for the annual Olympiads from https://www.indiantalent.org/olympiadexam-schedule-and-exam-pattern.

Offline Exams are conducted within the school premises. These are regular pen-paper exams. Students registering from the school for Olympiad Exams (offline) will be given OMR answer sheets and question papers in the school on the scheduled date of examination. The time duration for these exams is 65 minutes. Students need to complete the OMR answer sheet by filling in the right option within the given time limit.

Science Monthly Olympiads

The monthly Olympiad has been introduced by Indian Talent Olympiad to provide maximum practice for the upcoming exams. These exams are conducted every month from home. The Monthly Olympiad, also known as the Online Olympiad which includes exams in subjects such as Maths, Science, English, GK, Drawing, and Essay. Students can participate in these exams sitting at the comfort of their house. All they need is either a smartphone or a tablet to take these exams. Students can take monthly exams anytime between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm on the particular exam dates.

The test duration for the Monthly tests is 25 minutes per test. The tests are conducted most transparently. Being an online test, it includes features such as audio recording, video recording, image capture, and eyeball recognition. These elements ensure complete transparency in the exam. The monthly Olympiads are the best way to keep children engaged. It solves multiple purposes. It makes them practice for the upcoming Olympiads, helps them to study for their upcoming school exams, and be thorough in topics slowly and steadily. It ensures a complete understanding of chapter-wise questions in all subjects.

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