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Pinnacle Talent Quest Exam [PTQE] Sample Question Papers

Download Pinnacle Talent Quest Exam [PTQE] Sample Question Papers 2022 Online PDF Free.

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Download PTQE Sample Question Papers

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Pinnacle Talent Quest Exam [PTQE] Class 7 Sample Questions

1. The cause of formation of cyclones is
(a) Air rotates at low pressure with high speed
(b) Air rotates at high pressure with high speed
(c) Air rotates at high pressure with low speed
(d) None of these

2. Air moves from a region of ——— pressure to a region of——— pressure.
(a) High , low
(b) Low, high
(c) High, high
(d) Low, low

3. We know that material bodies
(a) contract on heating and expand on cooling
(b) neither expand nor contract on heating
(c) expand on heating and contract on cooling
(d) expand on cooling and remain unaffected on heating

4. A distance-
(a) Is always positive
(b) Is always negative
(c) May be positive as well as negative
(d) Is neither positive nor negative

5. A particle is travelling with a constant speed. This means
(a) Its position remains constant as time passes
(b) It covers equal distance in equal interval of time
(c) Its acceleration is zero
(d) It does not change its direction of motion

6. In 10 minutes, a car with speed of 60 kmh–1 travels a distance of
(a) 6 km
(b) 600 km
(c) 10 km
(d) 7km

7. A polished silvery surface is a
(a) good absorber and good reflector of heat
(b) good absorber and bad radiator of heat
(c) poor absorber and good reflector of heat
(d) poor reflector and good radiator of heat

8. A black body with a rough surface is a good
(a) reflector and poor absorber of heat
(b) good absorber and good radiator of heat
(c) absorber and poor radiator of heat
(d) reflector and poor radiator of heat

9. Sweating causes cooling by
(a) conduction
(b) radiation
(c) convection
(d) evaporation

10. We put glass piece on a printed page image of prints on the page has same size. The piece is-
(a) Convex lens
(b) Glass slab
(c) Concave lens
(d) Prism

11.Which one of the following is a physical change?
(a) Digestion of food
(b) Boiling of an egg
(c) Making a cup of tea
(d) None of these

12.Photosynthesis is a ___________.
(a) physical change
(b) chemical change
(c) both (a) & (b)
(d) None of these

13.The process of obtaining pure crystals of copper sulphate from copper sulphate solution is known as
(a) crystallisation
(b) galvanisation
(c) rusting
(d) None of these

14.Water fit for drinking is
(a) saline water
(b) soft water
(c) potable water
(d) None of these

15. The method of watering the roots of plants directly is
(a) surface water harvesting
(b) drip irrigation
(c) water table
(d) None of these

16.Water harvesting is done to
(a) store water underground
(b) store water in fields
(c) distribute water in fields
(d) None of these

17.Which one of the following is not a natural fibre?
(a) Silk
(b) wool
(c) Terylene
(d) jute

18.Which of these fabrics will you choose to wear in hot and humid conditions?
(a) Wool
(b) nylon
(c) Silk
(d) cotton

19.Which of the following is obtained from the hair of animals?
(a) Wool
(b) nylon
(c) Cotton
(d) silk

20.Which type of soil is good for the growth of cotton plant?
(a) alluvial soil
(b) red soil
(c) black soil
(d) laterite soil

21. The energy currency of cells:
(a) ADP
(b) AMP
(c) ATP
(d) NADP

22. Largest gland of human digestive system:
(a) Pancreas
(b) Liver
(c) Small intestine
(d) Large intestine

23. Which is known as voice box?
(a) Pharynx
(b) larynx
(c) glottis
(d) epiglottis

24. E coli in human intestine synthesis.
(a) Vitamin B and D
(b) Vitamin A and K
(c) Vitamin B and C
(d) Vitamin B and K

25. Bacteria commonly live in human intestine:
(a) Vibro cholera
(b) E coli
(c) Bacillus anthracis
(d) Corynebacterium

26. Which of the following is a wildlife santury in rajasthan?
(a) Ranthambore
(b) Periuar
(c) Kaziranga
(d) Badhawgarh

27. The first cytologically visible evidence of fact that cell about to divide:
(a) Division of centriole
(b) Duplication of chromosome
(c) Elongation of chromosome
(d) Coiling of chromosome

28. Middle lamella consist of:
(a) Liginin
(b) Cellulose
(c) Hemicellulose
(d) Calcium & Magnesium pectate

29. Dimension of cell expressed in:
(a) Centimetre
(b) Angstrom
(c) Micron
(d) Both b and c

30. Cells organelle involved in forming complex sugar from simple sugar.
(a) E. R
(b) Ribosomes
(c) Plastids
(d) Golgi bodies

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