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Exam Nationwide Education and Scholarship Test [NEST]
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Level Junior I, Junior II, Senior I & Senior II
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Nationwide Education and Scholarship Test [NEST]

NEST is especially designed to students’ choice, skills and interests as is essential at this stage of their education. Moreover, they also get instant cash prizes of handsome amount and certificates of appreciation as incentives for their outstanding and exemplary performance in the test.

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Download NEST Sample Question Papers

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NEST Junior-I Sample Questions


Q1. The process of evaporation causes
A. cooling
B. heating
C. temperature increase
D. none of these

Q2. Which of the following has the least energetic molecules?
A. solids
B. liquids
C. gases
D. plasmas

Q3. The force of attraction between the particles of matter is highest in
A. steel
B. mustered oil
C. refined oil
D. dry air

Q4. Iodized common salt is
A. pure substance
B. oxidized substance.
C. heterogeneous mixture
D. homogenous mixture

Q5. The fine particles of an insoluble substance uniformly dispersed throughout a gas or liquid is called
A. sucrose
B. precipitate
C. colloidal solution
D. suspension

Q6. An emulsion is a colloidal solution formed by
A. mixing two immiscible liquid
B. mixing any two liquids
C. mixing two miscible liquids
D. mixing any two gases

Q7. Atomic number is equal to the
A. atomic weight of the element
B. mass number of the nucleus
C. number of protons in the nucleus
D. number of neutrons in the nucleus

Q8.When two liquids in a mixture differ by their boiling points. Which of the following I the best method to separate these liquids?
A. distillation
B. filtration
C. evaporation
D. chromatography

Q9.The path of light gets illuminated when passes through the
A. blood solution (aq.)
B. copper sulphate solution (aq.)
C. acetic acid solution (aq.)
D. brine solution (aq.)

Q10. Property due to which a coil of copper wire can be made by pulling a large piece of copper metal is
A. malleability
B. sonority
C. tensility
D. ductility

NEST Junior-II Sample Questions


Q.1. Isotopes have same number of ————
(A) Protons
(B) Neutrons
(C) Nucleus
(D) Positions

Q.2. Number of orbitals present in third shell is ———-
(A) 1
(B) 3
(C) 9
(D) 18

Q.3. Which of the following is the most electropositive element?
(A) Phosphorus
(B) Magnesium
(C) Aluminium
(D) Sulphur

Q.4. A gaseous mixture was prepared by taking equal mole of CO and N2. If the total pressure of the mixture was found 1 atmosphere, the partial pressure of the nitrogen in the mixture is – ____________
(A) 0.5 atm
(B) 0.8 atm
(C) 0.9 atm
(D) 1 atm

Q.5. A base as defined by Bronsted theory, is a substance which can —————-
(A) Accept proton
(B) Donate proton
(C) Lose a pair of electron
(D) Gain a pair of electron

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