Service ASHA-Nidhi Scheme Online System
Department Karnataka Department of Health & Family Welfare
Eligibility ASHA worker in Karnataka
Service Mode Online
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What is ASHA-Nidhi?

It is an online system which facilitates the department to capture beneficiary wise details of services given by ASHA to the community and Online payment of ASHA to their bank accounts.

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Information About ASHA-Nidhi

• ASHA-Nidhi is a performance-based incentive scheme for accredited social health activists (ASHAs) in Karnataka, India.
• It was launched in 2015 by the Government of Karnataka in partnership with the National Health Mission (NHM).
• The scheme aims to improve the performance of ASHAs by providing them with financial incentives for completing specific health-related activities.
• The incentives are linked to the achievement of specific targets, such as the number of pregnant women who receive antenatal care, the number of children who are immunized, and the number of families that adopt safe sanitation practices.
• ASHAs who achieve their targets are eligible to receive a monthly incentive of Rs. 1,000.
• The scheme has been successful in improving the performance of ASHAs and has led to an increase in the utilization of health services in Karnataka.

Benefits of ASHA-Nidhi

• It provides financial incentives to ASHAs for completing specific health-related activities.
• This helps to improve the performance of ASHAs and leads to an increase in the utilization of health services.
• It also helps to motivate ASHAs to work more effectively and efficiently.
• The scheme is linked to specific targets, which helps to ensure that ASHAs are focusing on the most important health-related activities.
• The scheme is transparent and accountable, as the incentives are based on the achievement of specific targets.

List of ASHA-Nidhi Incentives

• 4 ANC Checkups Rural-₹75
• 4 ANC Checkups Urban-₹50
• Institutional Delivery Promotion Rural-₹300
• Institutional Delivery Promotion Urban-₹200
• MTP<12-₹100
• Maternal Death Reporting-₹200
• HBNC-₹250
• Followups of SAM Child after Discharge from NRC/MNRC-₹150
• MAA Programme-₹100
• HBYC Followup-₹50
• National De-worming Day (NDD)-₹100
• SNCU Followups-₹50
• Social Mobilization-₹150
• Full Immunisation-₹100
• DPT 2 Immunization-₹50
• Booster Doses-₹75
• Female Sterlisation-₹150
• Male Sterlisation-₹200
• Ensuring 2 years Delay of Child Births After Marriage-₹500
• For 3 years Difference Between Age of Two Children-₹500
• Postpartum Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (PPIUCD)-₹150
• PAIUCD-₹150
• Post Partum Sterilization (PPS)-₹150
• ANTARA-₹100
• Leprosy Patients Registration – PB and MB Cases-₹250
• Leprosy Treatment Completion – PB Cases-₹400
• Leprosy Treatment Completion – MB Cases-₹600
• Aedes Larvae survey-₹200
• Mass Drug Administration(MDA)-₹150
• NCD Activities-CBAC-₹10
• NCD Follow Up entry-₹50
• Blood Slides Preparation-₹15
• NIDDCP Rural-₹25
• NIDDCP Urban-₹0
• Pulse Polio ( IPPI Funds) Rural-₹75
• Pulse Polio ( IPPI Funds) Urban-₹0
• Malaria Cases – Full RT-₹75
• Monthly Meetings at Sector Level-₹150
• Monthly Meetings for sector level at for VHND-₹200
• Follow up of LBW Babies-₹50
• IDCF-₹100
• Routine Monthly Activities-₹300


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about applying for ASHA-Nidhi Karnataka:

What is ASHA-Nidhi?
ASHA-Nidhi is a loan scheme for ASHA workers in Karnataka. The scheme provides loans of up to ₹10,000 to ASHA workers to help them start or expand their businesses.

Who is eligible for ASHA-Nidhi?
To be eligible for ASHA-Nidhi, you must be an ASHA worker in Karnataka. You must also have a valid ASHA ID card and an Aadhaar card.

How much is the loan amount?
The maximum loan amount under ASHA-Nidhi is ₹10,000.

What are the interest rates and repayment terms?
The interest rate on ASHA-Nidhi loans is 6% per annum. The repayment period is 5 years.

How can I apply for ASHA-Nidhi?
You can apply for ASHA-Nidhi online through the ASHA-Nidhi portal or at any Karnataka One-Stop Service (KOSS) center.

How can I track the status of my application?
You can track the status of your application by logging into the ASHA-Nidhi portal using your account credentials. You can also contact the ASHA-Nidhi helpline at 1800-425-3777 for information about the status of your application.

ASHA-Nidhi Contact

For any Query & Information Contact Help Desk at Phone:8290266668, 8290266669.

Overall, ASHA-Nidhi is a successful scheme that has helped to improve the performance of ASHAs and has led to an increase in the utilization of health services in Karnataka.

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