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JKBOSE Class 10th English 2021 Model Test Paper

Download Jammu & Kashmir Board of School Education [JKBOSE] Class 10th English 2021 Model Test Paper Online

Download All JKBOSE Class 10th Model Test Papers Here

Download JKBOSE Class 10th English 2021 Model Test Paper

JKBOSE Class 10th English 2021 Model Test Paper Download Here

JKBOSE Class 10th English 2021 Model Questions

Read the following questions carefully and do as directed. (Section A)

Reading Comprehension :15 Marks
1. Read the extract from the poem and answer the questions that follow. 1X5=5 Marks
Belinda lived in a little white house
With a little black kitten and a little grey mouse,
And a little yellow dog and a little red wagon,
And a realio, trulio, little pet dragon.
Now the name of the little black kitten was Ink,
And the little grey mouse,
she called him Blink,
And the little yellow dog was sharp as Mustard,
But the dragon was a coward, and she called him Custard.
Custard the dragon had big sharp teeth,
And spikes on top of him and scales underneath,
Mouth like a fireplace, chimney for a nose,
And realio, trulio daggers on his toes.

a. Who were Belinda’s companions?
b. Who is called Ink and Blink in the poem?
c. Match the correct combination
i. underneath-above
ii. coward-fearful
iii. fireplace-gateway
iv. All
d. The poet compares the nose of a Dragon to a __________
e. The rhyme scheme of the poem is
i. aabb ii.abab iii. abba iv. None

2. Read the following passage answer the questions that follow. 1×5=5 Marks
One that lovely autumn day I was accompanied by my daughter Zenani. On the podium, Mr de Klerk was first sworn in as second deputy president. Then Thabo Mbeki was sworn in as first deputy president. When it was my turn, I pledged to obey and uphold the constitution and to devote myself to the well-being of the Republic and its people. To the assembled guests and the watching world, I said:

Today, all of us do, by our presence here… confer glory and hope to new born liberty. Out of the experience of an extra ordinary human disaster that lasted too long, must be born a society of which all humanity will be proud.

We, who were outlaws, not so long ago, have today been given the rare privilege to be host to the nations of the world on our own soil. We thank all our distinguished international guests for having come to take possession with the people of our country of what is, after all, a common victory for justice, for peace, for human dignity.

Answer the following questions:
a. The speaker in the above passage celebrates
i. racism ii. aparthied iii.injustice iv. human dignity
b. Which word has been for ‘dias’ in used in the passage?
c. What is meant by ‘extraordinary human disaster’?
d. ‘Own soil’ refers to________________________.
e. Give the opposite of ‘victory’.

3. Read the following passage and the answer the questions that follow.
The deadliest virus of the 21st century was identified in China in December 2019. It is basically a respiratory virus which mainly affects the lungs. But the recent research shows that it has the potential to affect any body part. Covid-19 affects different people in different ways. Many critical care patients end up lying in ICU because of shortness of breath, low oxygen level and pneumonia.

Most of the people who suffer from this virus develop mild to moderate illness and recover without hospitalization. The common symptoms of corona virus are fever, dry cough and shortness of breath whereas some of the less common symptoms of this virus are aches and pains, sore throat, diarrhoea, conjunctivitis, loss of taste or smell, a rash on the skin, etc. The virus generally enters the human body through breathing an air containing the virus. To stop the spread of this virus, people have been advised to wear masks, sanitise their hands and maintain social distance.

The impact of this pandemic has been collossal. In the history of the mankind, the whole world witnessed lock down for two months. Countries like UK are again contemplating lock down to prevent the spread of his virus. Lockdown of international flights, offices and schools has impacted the lives of businessmen and students in particular. Till now, the world has witnessed a total no. of 77.4 million covid patients, out of which 1.7 million faced death with an average death rate of about 3.4% globally.

The countries most affected by Covid-19 are the United States of America with 18.1 million positive cases followed by India with more than 10 million positive cases and Brazil with more than 7 million cases. Scientists across the world are working hard to develop a vaccine for Covid-19. Pfizer has been recently approved by many countries.

Answer the following questions. 1×5=5Marks
a. Choose the correct option.
The corona virus was first identified in_______________.
i. China ii) India iii) America iv) Brazil
b. Name the countries most affected by Covid-19.
c. State true or false.
Loss of taste or smell is one of the more common symptoms of corona virus.
d. What is the synonym of ‘collosal’?
e. Give a suitable title to the passage.

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