Exam Signal & Telecom [S&T] Senior [Sr] Clerk
Department Indian Railways / South Central Railway [SCR]
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Indian Railways S&T Sr.Clerk Question Bank

Download Indian Railways South Central Railway [SCR] Signal & Telecom [S&T] Senior [Sr] Clerk Question Bank

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Download Indian Railways S&T Sr.Clerk Question Bank

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Indian Railways S&T Sr.Clerk Questions

1. Indicate whether the under mentioned statements are TRUE or FALSE.
1. Suspension is a major penalty( )
2. Leave encashment shall be admissible subject to a maximum limit of 300 days in respect ofthe employce retiring from service. ( )
3. Special pass may be issued to family members or dependent relatives on medical grounds ()
4. Extra-ordinary leave on medical grounds does not qualifying for grant of increment( )
5. Removal from service debars an employee from getting any other employment with theGovernment.( ).
6. Any employee removed from service is eligible for pension.( )
7. Disciplinary authority himself/herself can be inquiry officer.( )
8. Dearness allowance is not admissible while under suspension ( )
9. Commuted leave can be sanctioned only on medical grounds. ()
10. Leave is a privilege, it cannot be claimed as a matter of right ( )
11. Availability period for privilege pass is monthsRAILWEYS( )
12. The time limit for railway servant to submit his claim for TA after one year ()
13. Suspension is a major penalty ( )
14. PLB is granted to Group A&B officers in Railways ( )
15. PME for A3 medical category employees is done once in year for below 55 years ( )
16. Pre selection/pre-promotion training to be imported for OBC employees in safety category.()
17. Junior scale/ assistant scale officers can impose removed from service to 42 under grade pay employees ()
18. Refresher course for safety category employees is once two years ( )
19. Ministerial staff is coming under excluded category.( )
20. A4 size paper should be used for making office notes, letters( )

II. Fill in the blanks of the following:
1. The penal for promotion from group “C” to Group “B” will be approved by
2. The —— is the head of the zonal Railway vigilance organization.
3. The working hours of continuous staff are normallyhours a day.
4. The standard form to be used for suspension in SF
5. The Railway servants who have completed Withdrawal from PF normally.years of service may be granted a final
6. The total no.of persons that can be included in a privilege pass will not exceedWhen dependents are included.persons
7. Staff working against sensitive posts is required to be transferred after completion of years.
8. Serving employees are entitled to encash their LAP up to a maximum of ——– in entire service.
9. Railway employees can retire voluntarily from railway service on completion ofyears of Qualifying service.
10. Employee refusing promotion will be debarred for a period of years.

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