Exam Goods Guard 60% Quota
Department Indian Railways / South Central Railway [SCR]
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Indian Railways Goods Guard 60% Quota Question Bank

Download Indian Railways South Central Railway [SCR] Goods Guard 60% Quota Question Bank 2019

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Download Indian Railways Goods Guard 60% Quota Question Bank

 Goods Guard 60% Dept Quota 2019 Question Bank Download Here

Indian Railways Goods Guard 60% Quota Questions

Q1. How many zones are there on Indian railways? Write them with their head Quarters?
Ans: There are 17 zones on Indian railways and one Private Railway (Konkan Railway)

S. No  Zones Head Quarters
  1 Northern Railway New Delhi
  2 Southern Railway Chennai    
  3 Eastern Railway Kolkata
  4 Western Railway Mumbai (BGTM)
  5 Central Railway Mumbai (CSTM)
  6 North Eastern Railway Gorakhpur
  7 South Eastern Railway Kolkata
  8 North western Railway Jaipur
  9 South western Railway Hubli
 10 North Central Railway Allahabad
 11 South Central Railway Secundrabad
 12 East Central Railway Hazipur
 13 West Central Railway Jabalpur
 14 North Frontier Railway Guwahati
 15 South East Central Railway Bilaspur
 16 East Cost Railway Bhubaneswar
 17 Kolkata Metro Railway Kolkata

Q2. How many divisions are there on SC Railway and what are they?
Ans: There are six divisions on SC Railway, they are

Division – Head Quarters
Secunderabad division – Secunderabad
Vijayawada division – Vijayawada
Guntakal division – Guntakal
Hyderabad division – Secunderabad
Nanded division – Naned
Guntur division – Guntur

 Q3. What are the Zonal and Divisional Inter change points on SC division? Write them.
Ans: The following are zonal Inter change points on SC division
1. Wadi Jn – Central Railway

2. Balharshah – Central Railway
3. Latur Road – Central Railway
4. Khanapur – Central Railway

The following are Divisional Inter change points on SC division:
1. Moula Ali (Gate Cabin) – Hyderabab division
2. Kondapalli – Vijaywada division
3. Sulehalli – Guntakal division
4. Pagidipalli – Guntur division
5. Parli-Vaijyanath- Nanded division

Q4. What are the various gauges on Indian Railways and what is the Inter distance between rails? Write loading/ unloading stations of Hyderabad division?

Ans: There are three gauges on Indian Railway, they are
1. Broad gauge
2. Meter gauge
3. Narrow gauge

The Inter distance between rails are
1. Broad gauge – 1.676 meters – (5’.6”)
2. Meter gauge – 1.000 meters – (3’.3”) (3’.8”)
3. Narrow gauge – 0.762 meters – (2’.6”) 0.610 meters – (2’.0”)

Q5. Explain the difference between way side station and a junction station?
Ans: The following are the differences between way side station and a Junction station.

1 These are small stations Most of these stations are big station
2 At these stations two lines of     different directions do not meet At these stations two or more lines of different directions meet
3 These stations normally have two running lines These stations generally have more than two running lines
4 At these stations generally low or rail level platforms are provided. These stations normally have high level platforms.
5 At some important stations high level  plat forms are also provided At some un important junctions low level plat forms are provided
6 No passenger transshipment takes place  at these stations Passenger transshipment takes place at these stations
7 Staff working at these stations are normally less Working staff at these stations are generally more.
8 Minimum passenger amenities are provided at these stations Basic and Extra passenger Amenities are provided at these stations.
9 At these stations all the works are looked after by Station Master At these stations works are dealt by various departments except some.
10 Normally these stations have only  operating staff i.e. Station     Master , points man. Etc. These stations  generally have more departmental staff such as C&W, Engg, Commercial clerks etc.
11 PA System, Foot over bridges,     Refreshment stalls etc. not compulsory PA System, Foot over bridges, Refreshment staff etc compulsory.

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