Service Apply For Police Clearance Certificate [PCC]
Department Goa Police
Service Mode Online
State Goa
Official Website

Steps To Apply For Goa Police Clearance Certificate Online

• Register yourself on Goa Police Web Portal and login.
• Go to Citizen Services Section and select Police Clearance Certificate.
• Fill in the application form.
• Attach relevant documents and proceed to payment section.
• Submit the application and note the reference no. for status tracking.

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Documents Required For Goa Police Clearance Certificate

• Passport Size Photograph.
• EPIC Card.
• Copy of Passport (wherever applicable).
• Aadhar Card.
• Birth Certificate.
• Driving License.

For more clarification, applicant may contact concern Police Station

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Application Processing Time of Goa Police Clearance Certificate

Five Working Days.

Terms & Conditions For Applying PCC

• Applicant will be liable for criminal action for providing wrong details.
• Applicant to be called to Police Station for physical and document verification.
• Application submitted by applicant may be rejected if required details are missing or found to be invalid.
• Applicant will be responsible for deduction of payment due to rejection of application.
• Applicant to agree that all the details provided above are true.

Goa Police Clearance Certificate FAQs

1. How do I register to Goa Police Web site?
Ans: Visit and click on “New User” to register to Goa Police Web portal.

2. How do I access the site to fill up the online PCC application?
Ans: Applicants should visit to and go to “Citizen Services” section to avail online Services from Goa Police web portal. And click on “Police Clearance Certificate” to fill the Application form.

3. What should I do if I am not able to access the web page?
Ans: The delay in accessing the Page depends upon various factors like your network connections, Internet Speed. In case if it is still not working, you can contact us on our helpline number- 8411972029.

4. Is it mandatory to have an e-mail ID & a Mobile Number while registering to web portal?
Ans: Yes. Every user must have a valid email ID and a valid / active mobile number at the time of registration.

5. What are the different online services offered by Goa Police to citizens?
Ans: The list of services offered online by Goa Police is available at Goa Police web portal under “Citizen Service” section.

6. Can I apply for Police Clearance Certificate online in Goa?
Ans: Yes. A person of Indian origin and staying in Goa for a period of more than 1 year can apply online for PCC from Goa Police Web portal

7. Can I apply for PCC for any other purpose? And what are the documents required?
Ans: For more details, applicant may contact concern Police Station to know the list of documents required for any other purpose.

8. What are the fees to be paid while applying for PCC?
Ans: Rs. 200/- (Excluding applicable bank charges).

9. What is the transaction time limit to make online payment for PCC application?
Ans: Five minutes. For successful payment transaction, payment to be made within 5 minutes once you clicked on “Proceed” button.

10. Can I apply and get PCC if I am staying in Goa for a period of 1 month?
Ans: No. Your PCC application will be rejected if stay period is less than one year in Goa.

11. I am not able to enter middle name in “Person Details” section. How to provide middle name details while applying for PCC?
Ans: You can enter middle name next to first name in “firstname” column itself using space between firstname and middlename.

12. In which format the scanned files to be uploaded while filling up the online application form?
Ans: The images of the photograph or identification should be uploaded in the.jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .gif, .png, format only.

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