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Class Class VII
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Year 2022-23
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Delhi Class 7 English Sample Question Paper

Download Delhi Education Department DoE Delhi Class 7 English Sample Question Paper 2022-23

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Download Delhi Class 7 English Sample Question Paper

Delhi Class 7 English Sample Question Paper Download Here

Delhi Class 6 English Sample Questions

Section A: Reading
Q1.Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow (Any 4)

Saeeda’s mother had been ailing for a long time – fever, cough, body-ache and painful joints. Treated by a variety of physicians for weeks, she often showed signs of improvement but soon relapsed into her old, sick self, one complaint substituted by another. Though weak and colourless, she was forbidden normal food and was under strict orders to remain perpetually confined to her small, dingy room with doors and windows fastened, deprived of sunshine and fresh air.

When she became critical, her relatives and neighbours persuaded her to consult a specialist even though his fee was likely to be high. Life is more precious than money, they said. Saeeda’s mother was poor but she heeded their advice and sold a few trinkets to pay the doctor’s fee and the cost of medicine.

The doctor came in a few days and examined her and prescribed effective but costly medicine. To the question as to what she should eat he said, “Anything you wish to eat – chapatti, vegetables, milk and fruits in addition to all this,” he added emphatically, “leave this dark hovel and occupy a bigger room with doors and windows open. Sit in the sun every morning from eight to nine. Sunshine and fresh air,” he concluded, “are more important than medicine.”

a. Saeeda’s mother was suffering from _______________ and __________________.
i. fever and painful joints
ii. cough and sneezing
iii. bodyache and vomiting
iv. vomiting and cough

b. What was Saeeda’s mother forbidden?
i. Sunlight and Milk
ii. Fruits and Air
iii. Fresh air and Sunlight
iv. Milk and fruits

c. Saeeda’s mother was told to eat ________________
i. Option 1
ii. Option 2
iii. Option 3
iv. Option 4

d. In the context of the above passage, which statement is NOT
i. Saeeda’s mother was suffering from fever, cough and joint pains.
ii. The doctor examined Saeeda’s mother and prescribed effective medicine.
iii. The doctor advised her to sit in the sun every morn
iv. Money is more precious than life.

e. Arrange the statements in a correct sequence.
I. She was treated by many physicians but all in vain.
II. Gradually, her condition became critical.
III. Saeeda’s mother was suffering from fever, cough, body-ache etc
IV. She was forbidden normal food.

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