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Year 2022
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Prince Olympiad Exam

Prince Olympiad is one of the biggest talent search examinations in India. Participants can win exciting prizes and scholarships up to 100% of the tuition fee. Prince Olympiad allows students to explore their full potential and evaluate themselves on a larger platform. Prince Olympiad has helped thousands of students achieve their dreams for the past seven years. Prince Olympiad is an excellent platform for everyone who wants to become a doctor or an engineer, regardless of their financial situation, as it is totally free.

Download Prince Olympiad Question Paper 2021 Here

Prince Olympiad Question Paper Format

1. The Prince Olympiad exam will consist of 100 multiple-choice questions that must be answered in two hours.

Class XI-XII Science : Physics – 40 questions, Chemistry – 40 questions & Mental Ability – 20 questions (Total 100 Questions).

Class X : Mathematics – 35 questions, Science – 35 questions, Social Studies – 10 questions, English Grammer – 10 questions & Mental Ability – 10 questions (Total 100 Questions).

Class V to IX : Mathematics – 25 questions, Science – 25 questions, Social Studies – 20 questions, English Grammer – 20 questions & Mental Ability – 10 questions (Total 100 Questions).

2. Exam papers will be available in both Hindi & English mediums.

3. In all the sections, questions not attempted will result in zero marks. Each correct answer will be awarded 4 marks, and 1 mark will be deducted for each incorrect answer.

4. Students who passed class XII in 2022 or earlier are not eligible for this examination.

5. Exam questions will be selected from the first 40% of the relevant NCERT books’ syllabus for the subject and class. The level of the questions will correspond to both board and competitive examinations. The website has a separate section with details on the syllabus. However, no exam question can be deemed “out of syllabus”.

6. Terms and conditions applied. At any point throughout the examination process, necessary changes may be made to the syllabus, the questions’ format, the subjects’ weighting, the grading system, and the prizes and scholarships. The organizing committee has sole rights to final decisions.

Download Prince Olympiad Syllabus 2022 Here

Prince Olympiad Result Preparation

1. Class-wise ranks will be prepared as per highest to lowest marks.

2. If two or more students in a class receive similar total marks, the rank will be determined by the student receiving the higher scores in the following order:
A. Class XI-XII Science: Physics, Chemistry.
B. Class X: Mathematics, Science.
C. Class V to IX: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English Grammer.

3. On admission to any of the institutions run by Prince Eduhub, Sikar, scholarships in tuition fees will be provided. Admission is not necessary in order to be eligible to win the prize. For different Prince Eduhub institutions, different scholarships will be available.

4. A certificate will be issued to every participant. Award ceremonies will often be held at the district level. However, occasionally an award ceremony may involve one or more districts.

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