Exam  TALLENTEX 2022 Talent Encouragement Exam
Conducted By ALLEN Career Institute
Download TALLENTEX 2022 Stage-1 Sample Question Papers
Classes  5th to 10th
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TALLENTEX is a specially designed initiative to encourage young talent with cash prizes, scholarships and mentoring by ALLEN Career Institute. As a career institute, we at ALLEN know that an encouragement platform not only provides an opportunity to students to apply their ability and win appreciation but also it nurtures their mind for higher targets of tomorrow.

Download ALLEN TALLENTEX Old Sample Question Papers, Syllabus Here

Download TALLENTEX 2022 Sample Papers

TALLENTEX 2022 Class V Sample Paper

1. The path of planet around the sun is called its
(1) Spin
(2) Rotation
(3) Revolution
(4) Orbit

2. Which of the following is renewable source of energy but not conventional source of energy ?
(1) Solar energy
(2) Coal
(3) Wood
(4) Petroleum

3. Which of the following is not a celestial body ?
(1) Comet
(2) Star
(3) Earth
(4) Mountain

4. Nearest star from earth is
(1) Alpha centauri
(2) Beta centauri
(3) Sun
(4) Moon

5. Which of the following planet is close to the sun?
(1) Earth
(2) Mars
(3) Mercury
(4) Jupiter

6. Which among the following is/are being utilised these days as based on inexhaustible source of energy ?
(i) Solar cooker
(ii) Wind mills
(iii) Petrol
(iv) Water

(1) (i) and (ii)
(2) (i),(ii),(iii)
(3) (i) and (iii)
(4) (i),(ii),(iv)

7. Which is not a natural phenomena?
(1) Earthquakes
(2) Cyclones
(3) Lightning
(4) Earthing

8. What is the axial tilt of the earth ?
(1) 17.5°
(2) 48.5°
(3) 23.5°
(4) 12.7°

9. Global warming is related to which set of gases ?
(1) Sulphur dioxide, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, ozone
(2) Chlorofluro carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide
(3) Methane, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, water vapour
(4) Oxygen, carbon dioxide, ozone, methane

10. How many statements of the following is/are true about the force ?
(i) Force is an effect in the form of a push or pull.
(ii) Force produces or tries to produce motion in a body at rest.
(iii) Force may stop or try to stop a moving body.
(iv) Force may change or try to change the direction of motion of the body.
(v) Force may change shape of the body

11. Work is done when you
(i) Kick a football
(ii) Push a door and it opens
(iii) Hold a glass
(iv) Hammer a nail and it moves in the wooden slab
(v) Watch a movie sitting on a sofa

12. How many statements is/are true out of the following ?
(i) The ultimate source of energy on earth is sun.
(ii) Solar energy can be converted into electrical energy using solar cell.
(iii) The ultimate source of energy on earth is plants and coal.
(iv) Flowing water has energy.
(v) Water stored at a certain height has energy.

13. There are 2 trees in the park. Taller tree is 8 feet 8 inch. The shorter tree is 6 inches shorter than half of the height of taller tree. What is the height of shorter tree in inch ?

14. How many minutes are there in 12 hours ?

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