Exam  TALLENTEX 2023 Talent Encouragement Exam
Conducted By ALLEN Career Institute
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Classes  5th to 10th
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TALLENTEX is a specially designed initiative to encourage young talent with cash prizes, scholarships and mentoring by ALLEN Career Institute. As a career institute, we at ALLEN know that an encouragement platform not only provides an opportunity to students to apply their ability and win appreciation but also it nurtures their mind for higher targets of tomorrow.

Download ALLEN TALLENTEX Old Sample Question Papers, Syllabus Here

Download TALLENTEX 2023 Sample Papers

TALLENTEX 2023 Class V Sample Paper

1. Two teams played a game of tug-of-war. The red team and the blue team pulled in opposite directions for a long time, but the rope did not move. What does this mean?
(1) Neither team pulled very hard.
(2) The red and blue team pulled with equal force.
(3) The red team pulled harder than the blue team.
(4) The blue team pulled harder than the red team

2. Choose the incorrect statement :
(1) Earthquakes occur because of deforestation.
(2) Molten rocks coming out of a volcano are called lava.
(3) In case of a natural disaster, very often transport, electricity, water supply and other facilities of affected areas are destroyed.
(4) Events which cause damage to property and human life are called calamities

3. The outermost part of the earth is called
(1) Crust
(2) Mantle
(3) Core
(4) None of these

4. Music player converts ____________ energy to _________ energy.
(1) electrical, sound
(2) sound, electrical
(3) electrical, light
(4) light, electrical

5. 2 hours = _________ minutes.
(1) 3
(2) 180
(3) 60
(4) 120

6. Earth is round like a football, but we do not fall off due to
(1) gravitational force
(2) rotation of earth
(3) revolution of earth
(4) all of these

7. Sumita took an unknown substance into a glass. The substance took the shape of the glass. Later she transferred the substance into a bowl. The substance took the shape of the bowl but its volume remained the same. What is the state of this substance?
(1) Solid
(2) Gas
(3) Liquid
(4) None of these

8. Which of the following statements is not true?
(1) Water should be conserved for future use.
(2) Water should be treated before disposal.
(3) Water animals are safe and remain unaffected by the pollution as they live under water.
(4) Contaminated water can also cause various diseases.

9. A _______ has a neither definite _____ nor _____ shape
(1) Solid, Volume, definite
(2) Gas, Volume, definite
(3) Liquid, Volume, definite
(4) None of these

10. Minerals are chemical substances that occur in nature. They form due to natural processes within the Earth. They may be simple substances or very complex ones. Minerals are of two types – Metallic or non-metallic. Find the metallic mineral from the following.
(1) Quartz
(2) Mica
(3) Gold
(4) Feldspar

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