Board Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education [MSBTE]
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Subject English
Paper Code 22101
Semester 1st
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MSBTE 22101 English Question Paper

Download Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education [MSBTE] Paper Code 22101 English 1st Semester Summer 2022 Question Paper PDF Free Online

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Download MSBTE 22101 English Question Paper

MSBTE 22101 English Question Paper Download

MSBTE 22101 English Sample Questions

1. Attempt any FIVE of the following: 10
a) Explain the term comfort zone.
b) Name the entrepreneurs developed under the guidance of JRD Tata.
c) State any two positive points of Gurmeet Singh’s personality that has appealed to you.
d) State the additional tips for proper recycling of e-waste.
e) State the full form of EQ, IQ and SQ.
f) Name the awards won by Arunima Sinha.
g) Explain the term : Doer and Mentor.

2. Attempt any THREE of the following: 12
a) Describe the help given by Krishna Vedavyasa.
b) Write about your career dreams.
c) Express your views / ideas on JRD Tata.
d) State the qualities of Arunima that touched your heart.

3. Attempt any THREE of the following: 12
a) Develop a dialogue between two students about the timetable of final exam. (8- 10) dialogues.
b) Develop a dialogue between the doctor and the patient about the improvement in the patient’s health. (8- 10) dialogues.
c) Write a paragraph on ‘My Sweet Memories’.
d) Write a paragraph on ‘Mobile telephone’. (75 words).

4. Attempt any THREE of the following: 12
a) Make sentences using the following collocations:
i) Save money
ii) Pay attention
iii) Do business
iv) Take a seat

b) Replace the underlined words with correct word and rewrite the sentences.
i) Ram is very week.
ii) The goods train is stationery.
iii) We salute our army personal.
iv) The principle of the college was present for the meeting.

c) Write the meanings of following idioms and make sentences of your own :
i) At the eleventh hour
ii) In black and white

d) Choose the correctly spelt word from the following:
i) mesege ii) message iii) messege.
ii) miting ii) meeting iii) metting.
iii) keys, keyes, keies.
iv) leafs, leaffs, leaves.

e) Change the voice
i) Grammar is taught to us by Prakash.
ii) By whom was she taught French?
iii) Let the door be shut.
iv) I sent the report yesterday.

5. a) Attempt any TWO of the following: 08
i) A senior faculty of your department is retiring from the job. As an H.O.D., draft a farewell speech for the faculty.
ii) Draft a speech to introduce the chief guest for the first year induction program organised by your institute.
iii) Prepare vote of thanks for the Annual Gathering of your institute.

b) Change into Indirect speech: 04
i) Sachin said to Janu, “Will you give me a pen?”
ii) Geeta said, “I do yoga daily.”

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