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Maharashtra Universal Travel Pass

Universal Travel pass is web application launched by Disaster Management team of Maharashtra to authenticate urgency of travel during the lockdown or restricted time post lock-down.

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Various establishments are categorized based on the nature of business and their staff will be allowed to travel during restricted timelines based on guidelines. System generates e-pass for the staff of registered establishments. This e-pass has QR code which can be authenticated by Railway / Bus authority

Establishment Registration Flow Chart

Flow for the Establishment registration is as follows:

Establishment Registration:
To start with establishment must register on the system. This is one time Activity. While registering, every establishment must provide Single point of contact ( called coordinator) to administer the establishment information. This person is responsible for correct information and must approve disclaimer for the same.

Review and Approve By DM:
Establishment will be approved by Disaster Management authority in district.

Staff upload photo and generate Travel Pass:
On approval, Coordinator can multiple coordinator for his establishment. Coordinator can upload the staff details using excel template provided on site.

SMS to approved staff members:
After uploading staff information from excel sheet, staff user will get SMS to login to system.

Establishment to upload Staff using CSV:
Staff members will login user mobile and upload photo to generate epass. Please note photo an be uploaded one time only. Staff members will save/print image of e-pass for future reference. Relevant screen shots are given on next page

Steps For Establishment Registration

• Visit and Click “Register your Establishment” link
• Once you enter establishment registration number, establishment data will be populated if it is present in our system.
• In case we do not have data, you will have to enter information in respective field as shown on next page.
• If data is not auto populated after entry registration number, you will have to enter information
• Please make sure “certificate of registration” is readable as disaster management office will verify it before approval

Steps For Establishment Login

• After registration process is complete and approved, establishment can Login using coordinators mobile number. On login following page appears
• Download CSV Template to provide staff information. CSV format is as below. Mobile Number and Name is mandatory.
• Establishment to fill-up staff information who need travel pass and with Upload Staff Details button, upload CSV file
• Staff members will get SMS once information is uploaded

Steps For Staff Login

• Login using mobile number
• Upload photo (One time) to generate e-pass.
• Generate e-pass and print

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