Service Police Clearance Certificate [PCC] Application
Department Kerala Police
Eligibility People residing in Kerala
Application Mode Offline
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Kerala Police Clearance Certificate

The District Police Chief/Commissioner of Police of the concerned district provide Police Clearance Certificates. The Police Department of Kerala issues Police Clearance Certificates (PCC) normally 3 categories of applicants.

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1. Direct Application in Kerala.
2. Application from outside Kerala but in India.
3. Application from abroad

How To Apply?

1. To obtain PCC, the applicant has to submit a detailed application specifying the requirement for a certificate in the district police office.
2. It is desirable that applicant makes the application to obtain PCC himself/herself; however in case this is not possible a person/body, authorized properly by the applicant may submit the application.

3. The PCC shall only be sent to the applicant and only in exceptional circumstances to be given to an authorized person.
4. In order to quicken the process, PCC for UAE employment Visas will be issued by the SHO of concerned Police Station (while PCCs for other requirements will continue to be issued by the DPCs, as is being done at present).
5. The application for all types of PCC will be submitted after being filled up by the applicant in the proforma (Annexure-I) prescribed through Executive Directive No.02/2018 dtd 31/01/2018.
6. Such application can be submitted by others who are authorized; However the PCC shall be sent to the applicant only in most of the cases except in same genuine circumstances where an authorized person/body will receive the PCC after proving the identity and due authorization.
7. The application for the UAE visas for employment will be submitted at the respective Police Stations and for other categories at the offices of the respective District Police Chiefs.

Application Fee

The fee for any type of PCC shall be Rs. 555/-. This fee can be paid in cash at the Police Station or at the DPO wherever required by the applicant/authorized person for which the receipt in TR 5 will be issued.

Payment Mode

The applicant has the option to make online payment through e-Treasury portal or do treasury cash remittance to the appropriate Head of Account for which he/she will be expected to produce sufficient evidence/proof at the time of submitting the application for PCC.

Documents Required

1. Address Proof to verify the address (Copy of Ration Card, Voters ID, SSLC Book)
2. Proof of Date of Birth
3. Copy of the letter/document showing the requirement of PCC
4. Passport size photograph (2 Nos)
5. Copy of the Passport (if available)


1. In case of UAE Employment Visa related PCC, the SHO shall conduct verification promptly to prove the identity, the address, and check the involvement in crime cases (strict liability offences not included) and issue PCC for the relevant period under his signature and seal within 3 days of receipt of the application.

2. The proforma of the PCC is enclosed for reference (Annexure II). In the case of applications for PCC for obtaining job Visas proof of offer of employment need not be insisted upon and whatever related details are available need be submitted.

3. In case of PCCs are for other purposes, or for other countries the procedure for issue will be the same, as is being adopted now, ie application to be submitted to the DPC concerned etc. and the format will be as annexed as (Annexure–III).

4. In case of PCC for UAE employment visa, the PCC shall be signed only by Inspector SHO or SHO, who should be an officer holding substantive rank of Sub Inspector as the case may be (not by Grade SIs or other junior officers). The paper to be used for PCC shall be of good quality (bond paper to be preferred).

5. Applicants who are now residing abroad or outside Kerala and who need a PCC can apply online by downloading the application form from the web site and sending the completed form by email to the concerned SHO along with attested copies of the documents as mentioned above (Proof of identity, Proof of address, why PCC is required) and authorization for a relative or other person to receive the PCC in the State (Authorization to contain identity details of such person).

6. The application can be produced before the SHO/DPC through an authorized person/body also. The SHO/DPC after the verification process, will issue PCC and hand it over directly to the person authorized by the applicant to receive the PCC on his/her behalf after verification of the identity of that/such person.

7. If the applicant wishes to receive the PCC by electronic means, the PCC duly signed by the SHO/DPC will be scanned as a PDF document and mailed to the applicant in the e-mail specified by him from the official e-mail of the SHO/DPC.

8. The fee for such online applications for PCC from persons abroad/outside Kerala can be paid by the person authorized by the applicant to receive the PCC on his/her behalf at the Police Station/DPO or by other means, as already mentioned.

9. In such cases of online applications where the photo of the applicant is required to be pasted on the PCC and same is also to be attested, sufficient proof of the fact that the photo to be attested is that of the person for whom PCC is requested for has to be produced.

10. The applicant may send, by mail or produce through an authorized person in the state, a legally recognized document in which the photo and personal particulars are available and which has been attested by a Gazetted Officer of the State or Central Government under his name and seal or by a Notary Public.

11. On receipt of such an application accompanied by documents as above, SHO/DPC will collect necessary fees from the person authorized by the applicant, conduct verification, and issue PCC and handover the same to the authorized person after verifying his identity, under proper written acknowledgement.


The certificates are issued after verification and are generally made available within days.

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