Service KNMC Registration Certificate Renewal
Department Kerala Nurses and Midwives Council [KNMC]
Eligibility Kerala Nurses & Midwives
Registration Mode Online
Official Website

KNMC Registration Certificate Renewal

Application for Renewal (01/01/1990 onwards) and Re-renewal 2015. Applicants with registration certificate belonging from 1990 to 2012 and renewed through Online from 01/05/2015 onwards can submit online application for second renewal by selecting Type of Renewal as ‘Re-Renewal of Online Renewed Registration from May 2015’ and entering their Previous Date of Renewal and Previous Renewal Serial Number.

Apply For KNMC Additional Qualification Kerala

Applicants those who have not yet renewed their registration certificates belonging from 1990-2012 have to do their initial renewal by selecting Type of Renewal as ‘First Online Renewal of Registration’. Similarly applicants with registration certificate belonging from 2013-2015 can apply for renewal as and when the date of registration expire by selecting Type of Renewal as ‘First Online Renewal of Registration’.

Renewal Application

1. For renewal of registration certificates issued after 29/05/2014, the Kerala Registration Number type will be Single Registration and you must strictly enter only single registration number in the application form below.

2. If your Registration Number in Certificate starts with KL,you must give entry in Single Registration Number field starting with KL exactly as given in Registration Certificate and your data will be displayed automatically upon clicking ‘Proceed to Application Entry’ link.

3. If you fail to do so, we would be unable to process your application.

Fill Application Here

1. Please read the Instructions to know about fee amount for each type of registration and proceed with the application submission only if fee amount displayed in page is correct.

2. Fee will not be refunded and application will not be further processed by council if fee is found incorrect.

View Application

1. Visit View Application Page 
2. Enter Login Credentials to view your application


1. Visit Payment Page 
2. Enter Login Credentials for Payment

Print Application

1. Visit Print Application Page 
2. Enter Login Credentials to print your application

Fee Refund Policy

According to the KNMC Refund Policies, there will be NO refund for the application fees submitted by the applicants.


Email :
Call : 0471–2774100

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