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Class 10th / X
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Subject Painting
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CBSE Class X Painting Sample Question Paper

Download Central Board of Secondary Education [CBSE] Class 10th Painting Sample Question Paper 2022-23 PDF Free Online

Download CBSE Class 10th All Subjects Sample Question Paper 2022-23 Here

Download CBSE Class X Painting Sample Question Paper

Class & Subjects Sample Question Paper
Class X Painting Download Here

CBSE Class X Painting Sample Questions

Section-A Marks:
Q1. Select the right answer from the given options:
(A) Looking at the lion capital what virtues do you inculcate?
i. Courage
ii. Compassion
iii. The spirit of victory over wisdom and knowledge
iv. All the above

(B) This element has a very small existence in space but can still act as a focus of a visual:
i. Point
ii. Line
iii. Space
iv. Tone

(C) Hue, value and intensity are the properties of:
i. Harmony
ii. Shape of form
iii. Colour
iv. Texture

(D) Which medium is used in the tempera technique?
i. Water colour
ii. Pastel colour
iii. Oil colour
iv. Acrylic colour

(E) What raw material is used in a normal pencil?
i. Graphite
ii. Carbon
iii. Iron
iv. Diamond

(F) What is the property of colour?
i. Light
ii. Water
iii. Earth
iv. Sky

(G) How was Kailashnatha Temple made?
i. By marble
ii. With bricks and cement
iii. By putting concrete in the cave from inside
iv. By removing the rocks until the architectural elements of the excavated interior and exterior is left.

(H) Brushes are of this kind:
i. Flat
ii. Round
iii. Angular
iv. All the above

Section-B: (Short answer type questions)
Answer for this question is expected in 50 – 100 words

Q2. Among the most known living art tradition of India which derives its name from Mithila, the ancient birthplace of Sita is famous for painted figures and designs on the walls of their mud houses for ceremonial occasions.
• Identify the name of this Art Form.
• What are the characteristics that attracts you towards it?
Which is your favourite medium of Painting and why?
• Write the tools used in this medium.
• On which surface is it successfully used?

Q3. ‘Kailashanatha Temple’ is amongst the largest rock-cut temples in the world. A megalith structure carved from a single rock Explain this structure on the basis of its size, architecture and sculptural treatment.
How can we create textures in a Painting? Which material is your favourite one to create textures?

Q4. The Warli community inhabit the west coast of Northern Maharashtra creating paintings ‘Chowk’ dominated by the figure of mother goddess- Palaghat.
• Which element of art is prominent in Warli Paintings?
• What colour combination is prominently used in this style?
How many kinds of ‘Lines’ can you identify and which is your favourite?

Q5. The Indian temple architecture is designed to lead us from the outer world to the inner world. Thus, the Parisar represents the outer world and Garbha Graha represents the inner world. Write the names and describe any other two parts of the temple from your syllabus?
‘There has always been a timeless tradition of art forms, which have been practised for different reasons among people, living far from urban life in interior terrains of forests, deserts, mountains and villages.’ Based on this statement write a few lines on Indian Folk/ Tribal art.

Q6. ‘The Lion Capital having the voluminous roaring lion figures firmly standing on a circular abacus is carved with the figures of a horse, a bull, a lion and an elephant in vigorous movement is now our national emblem. Here the Dharmachakra symbolizes following the path of riches-nous Dharma 24 hrs of the day.’

• Which Emperor/Dynasty got this pillar made and where?
• For which historical event was this site chosen?
• ‘Unity, Harmony, Balance, Rhythm, Emphasis, Proportion, Abstraction and Stylization are principles of composition which give the paintings structure and convey the intent of the artist.’
• Write about any two of them and explain with examples from your course of study.

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