Board Central Board of Secondary Education [CBSE]
Class 10th / X
Download Sample Question Paper 2022-23
Subject Home Science
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CBSE Class X Home Science Sample Question Paper

Download Central Board of Secondary Education [CBSE] Class 10th Home  Science Sample Question Paper 2022-23 PDF Free Online

Download CBSE Class 10th All Subjects Sample Question Paper 2022-23 Here

Download CBSE Class X Home Science Sample Question Paper

Class & Subjects Sample Question Paper
Class X Home Science Download Here

CBSE Class X Home Science Sample Questions

1. Sangeeta has a cut on her finger. Which of the following she should practice while cooking food at home to ensure food safety?
a. Put ointment on her cut
b. Don’t cook the food
c. Cover it with waterproof bandage
d. Wrap it with a piece of cloth

2. Which of the following does NOT help in work simplification?
a. Planning ahead
b. Using labour saving devices
c. Multitasking
d. Dovetailing

3. What temperature would you maintain while storing hot and cold food?
a. 55 C
b. 54 C
c. 63 C
d. 57 C

4. Which of the following food you would consider while feeding preschoolers?
a. Sweet and fried foods
b. As per the preference of the child
c. Finger foods, easy to handle
d. Restrict salt and sugar intake to the minimum

5. Why should milk be stored away from cabbage while kept in refrigerator?
a. Milk absorbs strong flavor of cabbage
b. Cabbage absorbs strong flavor of milk
c. Insects from cabbage may enter the milk
d. Cabbage may fall into the milk

6. “Child starts sympathizing with others and displays loyalty and enjoys group activities.” Identify the stage of childhood and which domain of development this feature specifically relates to?
a. Early childhood, Social
b. Middle childhood, Social
c. Early childhood, Emotional
d. Middle childhood, Emotional

7. Which of the following statement is incorrect in context to meal planning?
a. Saves time, energy and money.
b. Fulfill the nutritional requirements of all family members.
c. Leftover food cannot be used.
d. Considers one’s occupation.

8. Which of the following helps to save nutrients while preparing food?
a. Peeling vegetables thinly
b. Garnishing with contrasting colour
c. Washing hands before serving food
d. Wash vegetables after cutting them

General Instructions:
1.All questions are compulsory.
2.There are total 35 questions.
3.Question paper is divided into three sections-A, B and C.
4.Section A has question no.1to 18 (multiple choice questions) and are of 1 mark each.
5.Section B has question no.19 to 25 of 2 marks each and question no.26 to 29 of 3 marks each.
6.Section C has question no.30 to 33 of 4 marks each and question no.34 and 35 are of 5 marks each.
7.Internal choices are given in some questions.
8.Support your answers with suitable examples wherever required

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