Board Bihar Board of Open Schooling and Examination [BBOSE]
Class 10th / X
Subject English
Subject Code 202
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BBOSE Class 10th English Model Question Paper

Download Bihar Board of Open Schooling and Examination [BBOSE] Class 10th English Model Question Paper

Download BBOSE Class 10th [All Subjects] Model Question Papers Here

Download BBOSE Class 10th English Model Question Paper

Bihar Class X English Model Question Paper Download Here

BBOSE Class 10th English Model Questions

(I) Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follows :
1. Books are of different kinds. Each kind has its own peculiar pleasure. Reading creative literature provides not only diversion, but also a deep insight into life and human charactor. Literature acquaints us with a large number of things and situations of which we have no direct experience. The experience gained through books widens our outlook. broadens our sympathies and enlarge our mental horizon. Thus it makes us better human being. Good novels, plays and poems do another service to us.

They enable us to face life cheerfully and courageously. They teach us glad acceptance of life. Even popular fiction gives us at least a temporary escape from the problems of life. Reading of serious books like those on philosophy, psychology, sociology etc. has joys of its own. They increase our knowledge, sharpen out intellect and enable us to think for ourselves. Books on history take us into the past and prove useful in many ways. One learns not only from the achievements but also from the failures of the great men and rulers of bygone ages.

Reading is, thus, helpful to man in many ways. This fact should not, however, blind us to the disadvantages of reading, too much reading in particular. A man who reads too much is somehow cut off from real life. He loses the pleasures of life in pursuing the pleasures of reading. It is important to remember that books cannot be substitutes for life. Let us, therefore, use them as aids to a good and pleasant life.

Now answer the questions that follow in 30 to 40 words only.
(a) What are the advantage of reading literature?
(b) Describe the advantage of reading history books.
(c) Are there disadvantages of reading books?
(d) How should books be used?
(e) Find words from the passage which mean the following. Paragraps are marked beside the words.
(i) Makes us familiar (Para1) (ii) Options (Para3)

2. Ants are probably one of smallest amd cpmmonest creatures in the world, yet the lives of thes tiny insects, sometimes only as large as specks of dust, are truly fascinating. There are more than 10,000 known varieties of ants and they have lived on earth for over 100 million years. They live everywhere except in extremely cold polar regions. Most of us are familiar with red, black and brown ants, but did you know that there are yellow, blud, green and ever purple ants? Ants are the most highly developed social insects. They always live in organized colonies. A colony may have hundreds, thousands or even millions of members following the rules of their society perfectly.

Their societies are usually divided into three castes-the Queen, the workers and the males. The Queen does not rule the society. Her main role is to start a new colony. She spends her life which may be anything for 10 to 20 years, laying eggs. The Queen is cared for all her life by the worker ants who feed her. The worker ants, who are always femails, also do other jobs like repairing and enlarging te nest and looking after the young ants. Army ants, the most ferocious of all ants, live by hunting down other live creatures. They are nomads.

Dairying ants are the most interesting species in the ant world. They live chiefly on a sugary liquid called honey dew which obtained form other insects and plant lice. Some ants are expert gardeners. Fungus growing ants cultivate whole gardens in their nests. At night, long columns of ants neatly cut pieces of leaves. They chew the leaves into pulp and palace it on their fungus garden. These ants are also called umbrella ants for they are seen carrying pieces of leaves over their heads.

Ants are intelligent architects and builders. Their homes truely reflect their needs and lifestyles.Nomadic ants have no permanent nests, but every night make shelters out of their own bodies by clustering together. As the ants wake up they dismantle the clusters called bivouacs and move on.

Now answer the questions that follow.
a. How do ants live?
b. What is the role of a Queen ant?
c. Who are the „umbrella ants‟? Why are they called so?
d. Why are some ants called „Army ants‟?
e. Pick words from the passage which mean
i. Those who donot have permanent homes.
ii. Very very small parts.

(II) 1. are Soham of 10, Model Town, Barauni. You are sad to find that bus drivers openly violate traffic rules by jumping red lights, parking the buses at unauthorised places and over-speeding. Write a letter to the Editor of The Times of India, Fraser Road, Patna, expressing your feelings and suggesting some ways to punish those who violate traffic rules.

2. You are Jiya/Jeevan of 15/A Jagat Kung, Gai Ghat, Sasaram. You have won a prize in the Inter School Music Competition held in your school. Write a letter to your friend Rimjhim about you happiness.

3. As Geeta/Gagan of 25/4B Amravati Apartment, Rajendra Nagar, Patna, write a letter to your Grand Father asking him about his health since he is not keeping well these days.

(III) Write a paragraph on
1. ‘My aim in life’ on about 80 words. Hints : Your aim, why you have selected this aim, how you are trying to fulfill this aim?
2. On the topic An interesting bus journey in 75 to 80 words.
3. Describing a wedding that you have recently attended.

(IV) 1. Sports play an important role in the development of students. It helps in physical as well as emotional growth. Write an essay on the topic ‘Importance of sports in student life’. (Word limit : 150 words)

2.Education: essential for nationa growth‟. Express you view on this topic in about 150 words.
You are Jyoti/Jay.
Clues : Education expands mental ability and knowledge, one learns about modern ideas, becomes familiar with world progress, fee;s cpmfodemt, is able to think positively, recpgmoses rogjt amd wrong. Follows rules helps country by doing well.

3. Write an essay on the topic „Save water, Save humanity‟ in about 150 words. You are
Clues : Water essential for human file, is wasted a lot, considered free gift of nature, but water level is dropping, world will become desert, humal life will ent.

(V) Change the following statements into indirect speech.
(1) Amit said to his sister, “You can take my book.”
(2) The boy said, “I brush my teeth every morning.”
(3) The father said, “Who likes this pen?”
(4) The man said, “Please help me Madam.”
(5) The King said, “I am happy.”

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