Exam All India Scholarship Test Exam [AISTE] 2021
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All India Scholarship Test Exam [AISTE] 2021

AISTE is a merit based nationwide education and scholarship test program aimed at offering financial support to students for their welfare and education to promote their better growth.

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Download AISTE 2021 Sample Question Paper

AISTE 2021 Sample Question Paper Download Here

All India Scholarship Test Exam [AISTE] 2021 Sample Questions

Q1. The product of the place values of 6 in 438269160, divided by 1000 is
(1) 36
(2) 3600
(3) 60
(4) 60000

Q2. When the curves y = 10x and xy = 1 are drawn in the X-Y plane, how many times do they intersect for values of y ³ 2?
(1) Never
(2) Once
(3) Twice
(4) Thrice

Q3. What is the minimum value of the expression 2×2 + 3y2 – 4x – 12y + 18?
(1) 18
(2) 10
(3) 4
(4) 0

Q4. The product of three numbers is 1620. If the HCF of any two out of the three numbers is 3, what is their LCM?
(1) 180
(2) 135
(3) 90
(4) 270

Q5. Choose the option in which the usage of the word is INCORRECT or INAPPROPRIATE.
1) Open the windows and let the fresh air in.
(2) It takes two hours by air to reach Chennai from Hyderabad.
(3) The appetizing aroma wafting through air stirred up our appetite.
(4) Her colleagues resent her as she always puts on airs

Q6. Name the film which has been selected as India’s official entry to the Best Foreign Language category of the 88th Academy or Oscar Awards 2016?
1. PK
2. Haider
3. Court
4. Queen

Q7. Which company has decided to invest $150 million for the Indian Startups?
1. Qualcomm
2. Yahoo
3. Google
4. Microsoft

Q8. Which life insurance company has announced the launch of Artificial Intelligence-based insurance email bot ‘SPOK’?
1. ICICI Prudential
2. HDFC Life
3. Birla Sun Life
4. Bharti Axa

Q9. Which among the following has been crowned world’s busiest single-runway airport with 1 flight in 65 seconds?
1. New Delhi Airport
2. Mumbai Airport
3. Dubai Airport
4. Bangkok Airport

Q10. The largest 9 digit number ending with 7 is
1. 77,77,77,777
2. 10,00,00,007
3. 99,99,99,999
4. 99,99,99,997

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