Campaign Mazhai Chaaral [#MazhaiChaaral]
Program Super Singer Season 9
Channel Star Vijay
Organised By SIPL India Private Limited
Eligibility Any person who is 18 years or above
Last Date 23rd June  2023
Official Website

Star Vijay Super Singer Mazhai Chaaral 2023

Mazhai Chaaral Campaign is hosted by SIPL India Private Limited. on for the purpose of promotion and viewer engagement of the program in Tamil language titled “Super Singer Season 9” on its channel ‘Star Vijay’

Star Vijay TV Serial Kathanayagi [Heroine] Audition 2023

Star Vijay Super Singer Mazhai Chaaral Eligibility 2023

Any person who is 18 years or above as of, 29th May 2023, being a citizen and resident of the Territory as per the applicable laws can enters the Campaign individually or along with a partner or as part of a group/music band (such group not exceeding 05 (five) number of persons).

Star Vijay Super Singer Mazhai Chaaral Registration 2023

Music composer, Mr.Vidyasagar had during episode number 46 of the Program partly composed a musical composition in Tamil language based on lyrics /literary works provided by the participants of the Program and the same was telecast on April 30, 2023 in the Channel (“Song”). The link of the Song is available @ (“Link”). This Campaign and /or Activity is to invite interested Participant/s to complete the musical composition of the remaining portion of the Song including but not limited to music , lyrics, along with full instrument and music orchestration. The Participant/s shall submit their completed Song as a Video or Audio (as detailed in Clause 4 (b) hereinbelow) in the Website.

To participate in the Contest, all persons interested in participating and /or Participants shall be mandatorily required to do the following:
1. Have to login to the Website / Platform at his/her sole discretion to register for the participation in the Campaign /Activity by submitting / furnishing his/her valid Indian Mobile Number. It is clarified that the option to exercise registration either through a registered mobile number is the discretion of the Participant/s and it is further clarified that for the purpose of registering and participating in the Campaign / Activity it is mandatory that the valid Indian mobile number submitted by the Participant should be registered in his/her name only, failure to comply with this pre requisite will automatically cause such Participant’s registration / Entry to be invalid. For the sake of clarity, if a group/music band registers to participate in the Campaign /Activity then the lead / representative of the group/music band must furnish his/her valid Indian Mobile Number.

2. Upon entering into the Website, a registration form shall be displayed in the website and the same is required to be filled by the Participant(s) who shall fill in all the relevant and necessary details as stated and enumerated therein and upon submitting their Video or Audio (as defined hereinafter) on Website, in accordance with the requirements and criteria as laid down for the Campaign / Activity herein. The Participant(s) shall submit the following personal details of the Participant including but not limited to name, contact number(s), e-mail id and/or any other information/documentation as sought by the Company, at its discretion during the Campaign / Activity Period (“Personal Information”) in a manner and form, as requested and /or prescribed on the Platform. For avoidance of doubt, for the purposes of participating in the Campaign / Activity during the Campaign / Activity Period set out hereinabove, registering through a valid mobile phone number and/or a valid mail ID vide the medium of the Platform is mandatory for all interested Participants.

Video/Audio or Link of Video/Audio Upload Functionality:
1. The Participant(s) shall be required to access Link to download the Song. The Participant(s) shall thereinafter be required to complete the Song, including but not limited to its musical ad /or video recording of thend lyrical composition along with full orchestration (the Participant(s) can use required instruments for their composition). by making either an audio an same in mp4, .mov – video or audio in mp3,.wav – audio format The completed song should not exceed 5 (five) minutes and 50 mb (referred to as “Video/Audio”).

2. It may be clarified that Video or Audio uploaded in any other format other than that prescribed or having an unclear audio or video will be deemed invalid and will be disqualified.

3. The Video or Audio or link of Video or Audio is to be uploaded by the Participant on the Website / Platform by following the instructions and as per the terms specified on such Platform and click on “Submit” button. A confirmation message is displayed on the screen. The Company and/or Production House will not send any confirmation SMS / e-mail to the Participant for confirming and acknowledging the registration. If the Participant/s choose/opt to submit the video/audio of the completed song as link, then the Participant/s can post the drive link or an unlisted video link which can be downloaded or viewed by the Company. For purposes of the Activity, “receipt” of Video or Audio occurs only when the Platform’s website server records receipt of the Video upon the entrant clicking “Submit/Post/Upload” button and the Video appears on the homepage /news feed of the respective Platform. It may be clarified that Company shall not separately notify any Participant in respect of acceptance/due submission of the Audio/ Video(s) uploaded.

4. If at any point of time the Company finds that the mobile number shared by the Participant(s) is found to be false and /or unauthenticated and /or fabricated, then Company and/or Production House shall have the right to forthwith disqualify such Participant from further participation and his /her Entry shall immediately be considered to be null and void.

5. For the purposes of this Activity/ Campaign, by uploading Video or Audio file or link of Video or Audio file, the Participant agrees and undertakes that they are unconditionally bound by the Terms and Conditions.

Star Vijay Super Singer Mazhai Chaaral Campaign Period 2023

The Campaign will commence on May 29, 2023 and will end on June 23, 2023

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