Olympiad Matrix Olympiad
Organization MOF
Classes Class 5th to 12th
Download Sample Papers
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Official Website https://www.mof.matrixedu.in/

Matrix Olympiad Sample Question Paper

Download MOF Matrix Olympiad Sample Question Paper. Only students selected in Stage-1 are eligible to appear in Stage-2 Olympiads.

Eduno Tech National Scholarship Exam [NSE] Question Papers

Download Matrix Olympiad Sample Question Paper

Classes Sample Paper
Class 5th Download Here
Class  6th Download Here
Class  7th Download Here
Class  8th Download Here
Class 9th Download Here
Class 10th Download Here
Class 11th PCM/B Download Here
Class 12th PCM/B Download Here

Matrix Olympiad Class 10th Sample Questions

Rahul was rowing a boat. Which form of energy was he using?
(A) Sound energy
(B) Food energy
(C) Light energy
(D) Heat energy

The lack of vitamin A in our body causes the disease,
(A) sucurvy
(B) beri beri
(C) night blindness
(D) anaemia

Dogs, cats and bears are examples of
(A) fish
(B) mammals
(C) reptiles
(D) amphibians

1. This Booklet is your Question Paper. DO NOT break seal of Booklet until the invigilator instructs to do so.
2. The Answer Sheet is provided to you separately which is a machine readable Optical Response Sheet (ORS). You have to mark your answer in the ORS by darkening bubble, as per your answer choice, by using Black/Blue ball point pen only.
3. If you are found involved in cheating or disturbing others then your ORS will be cancelled.
4. Do not put any stain on ORS and hand it over back properly to the invigilator.
5. You can take along the question paper after test over

About Matrix Olympiad:
Matrix Olympiad is a very popular olympiads for students who want to have an overall assessment of aptitude and knowledge of all the subjects. It tests students for their knowledge and competency in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and Mental Ability. It can be used to get students interested in all round skills from an early age.

Matrix Olympiad Exam Pattern:
The Exam consists of Two Stages:

Stage-1: It tests the basic proficiency of the subject.
Stage-2: It tests students for the students’ competency at an advanced level.

Matrix Olympiad Contact

Contact Number : +91 1572 241911
Email ID : mof@matrixedu.in
WhatsApp : +91 8829929098

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