Exam National Level Science Olympiad [NLSO]
Council National Teachers Council [NTC]
Eligibility Students of Classes III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX and X
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National Level Science Olympiad [NLSO]

Science Olympiad is a National Level Competitive examination to test the knowledge and Competency of students in Science based on the Syllabus prescribed by CBSE, ICSE and State Boards. Students from Classes III to X can Participate in this competitive examination through his/her schools only.

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Download NLSO Sample Question Paper

Download National Level Science Olympiad [NLSO] Sample Question Paper Online

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National Level Science Olympiad [NLSO] Sample Question

1. Ducks, cat and fish can be grouped together because
[A] They eat both plants and animals
[B] They lay eggs
[C] Of their similar outer body covering
[D] They live in water

2. A glass with ice cubes is shown below. The formation of water droplets on the outer surface of the glass is due to
[A] Evaporation
[B] Transpiration
[C] Condensation
[D] Sublimation

3. Leaves help a plant to
[A] Prepare its own food
[B] Breathe
[C] Absorb water from soil
[D] Both (A) & (B)

4. Which of the following statements is TRUE in the case of animals?
[A] All the animals lay eggs
[B] All the animals give birth to young on
[C] All the animals have backbones
[D] All the animals depend on others for food

5. The brightest planet of the solar system
[A] Mercury
[B] Venus
[C] Mars
[D] Jupiter

6. Select the correct statement.
[A] Roughages present in vegetables and fruits must be discarded,
[B] Overcooking decreases the nutritive value of food
[C] Preserved food has conditions suitable for growth of microbes
[D] Growing children need more fats to build strong muscles

7. Doors and windows are oppositely placed in a house to
[A] Allow better ventilation
[B] Allow more sunlight
[C] Allow people to see outside
[D] None of these

8. Unscramble the letters given in the box to get the name of an animal. Now select the correct option regarding this animal.
[A] It sucks blood
[B] It carries load for us
[C] It has a long sticky tongue
[D] It swallows soil

9. The following figure shows the nest made by a bird. Identify the bird
[A] Tailor bird
[B] Weaver bird
[C] Humming bird
[D] Owl

10. How does the leaf of a plant help the plant to survive?
[A] Leaves take nutrients from the soil.
[B] Leaves produce the food.
[C] Leaves keep the plant from falling over.
[D] Leaves take in water from the soil

11. X is clothing worn in winters, while Y is clothing worn in summers. Select the correct option regarding it.
[A] X can be raincoat while Y can be leather jacket
[B] X is made of cotton while Y is made of wool
[C] X is always made from natural fibres while Y is always made from man-made fibres
[D] None of these

12. A substance with no fixed shape but with fixed volume changes to a state with fixed shape and volume. This process is known as
[A] Condensation
[B] Evaporation
[C] Melting
[D] Freezing

13. Arun suffers with constipation. Ajay has low immunity and falls ill frequently. Seema is shorter than other girls of her age. The given options have scrambled letter groups which contain the name of the nutrient the person needs more. Select the correct option.
[C] Seema – ATF
[D] All of these

14. Select the incorrect statement regarding rotation of the earth.
[A] The Earth rotates on its axis from West to East.
[B] Rotation of the Earth causes change of seasons.
[C] Rotation of the Earth causes day and night.
[D] The Earth completes one rotation in 24 hours

15. All living things can produce young one of their own kind. Which one of the following gives birth to babies?
[A] Dolphin
[B] Lizard
[C] Eagle
[D] Ostrich

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