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National Scholarship Exam [NSE] Question Papers

National scholarship exam(NSE) is organized by Eduno Tech Private Limited which works to provide better opportunities to students. Our organization helps the students pursue their passion and gain knowledge.  Download NSE Previous Year Question Papers Here.

Eduno Tech National Scholarship Exam [NSE] Question Bank

Download [NSE] Question Papers

NSE Previous Year Question Papers Download Here

National Scholarship Exam [NSE] Questions

Q. 1). Ram and Shyam __________ business partners.
A. have
B. has
C. are
D. had

Q. 2). She ___________ her office by 9 a.m. daily.
A. reach
B. reaches
C. reached
D. reaching

Q. 3). Rahul and his friends ___________ also invited to the party.
A. is
B. was
C. had
D. were

Q. 4). I __________ working all afternoon and have just finished the assignment.
A. have been
B. had been
C. shall be
D. am

Q. 5). Rohan __________ the movie before he read the review.
A. watches
B. have watched
C. have watched
D. was watching

Q. 6). He __________ in the States but he still does not have a command over the English language
A. have been living
B. has been living
C. have lived
D. living

Q. 7). By the next month, we shall __________ the project
A. has completed
B. completing
C. completed
D. have completed

Q. 8). Mice’s can nibble the food. (Which word is a plural possessive noun?)
A. Can
B. mice’s
C. nibble
D. the

Q. 9). Be careful, there is a hive of bees on the tree. (Which word is a collective noun?)
A. tree
B. there
C. hive of bees
D. careful

Q. 10). My father decorated my room for my birthday. (Which word is an indirect object noun?)
A. for my birthday
B. father
C. decorated
D. my

Q. 11). An empire wrong decision changed the match situation. (Which word is a verbal noun?)
A. changed
B. decision
C. match
D. empire

Q. 12). Australian government will bring together anti-terror laws. (Which word is a nominative noun?)
A. bring
B. Australian
C. anti-terror
D. government

Q. 13). They like swimming. Whenever they have a leisure time. (Which word is a verbal noun?)
A. leisure
B. free
C. like
D. swimming

Q. 14). He beat him ____________ a stick
A. for
B. with
C. by
D. to

Q. 15). Martyrdom of Chandrashekhar Azad took place on which among the following dates?
A. February 27, 1931
B. February 11, 1931
C. April 13, 1931
D. August 14, 1931

Q. 16). At which among the following places, All India Muslim League was established in 1906?
A. Dhaka
B. Naypyidaw
C. Islamabad
D. Muscat

Q. 17). Who among the following has written the book Bahubivah?
A. ishwar Chand Vidyasagar
B. sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay
C. Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay
D. Sri Aurobindo

Q. 18). In 1612, at which among the following places, the British established their first factory (trading post) in India ?
A. Cochin
B. surat
C. Kassim Bazar
D. Hughli

Q. 19). First NAM summit was held in which country?
A. Belgrade 1961
B. Cairo 1964
C. Delhi 1961
D. Algiers1961

Q. 20). The First Muslim to study Hindu scriptures was
A. Amir Khusrau
B. Dara Shikoh
C. Amir Hasan
D. Shuja

Q. 21). Which of the following Vedic literature where the Varna system was discussed?
A. Rigveda
B. Samaveda
C. Yajurveda
D. Atharvaveda

Q. 22). Which of the following Vedic literature contains Gayatri Mantra?
A. Rigveda
B. Samaveda
C. Yajurveda
D. Atharvaveda

Q. 23). Who among the following was known as Bengal’s Greata Garbo?
A. Suchitra Sen
B. Amaravati
C. Kanan Devi
D. Bharathi Shirodkor

Q. 24). Since which of the following year Winter Olympics are held ?
A. 1896
B. 1900
C. 1888
D. 1924

Q. 25). Who has the Highest Number of Gold Medals in Olympic History?
A. Larisa Latynina
B. Mark Spitz
C. Michael Phelps
D. Saina Nehwal

Q. 26). Who won the first ICC World Cup?
A. India
B. West Indies
C. England
D. Australia

Q. 27). How many FIFA World Cup has been played till 2018?
A. 29
B. 52
C. 21
D. 14

Q. 28). Brookesia nana, which was making news recently, is one of the smallest species of which family?
A. Butterfly
B. Chameleon
C. turtle
D. spider

Q. 29). Arribada’ is a term related to which species?
A. snake
B. sea turtle
C. frog
D. spider

Q. 30). Water can dissolve more substances than any other liquid because
A. it is dipolar in nature
B. it is a good conductor of heat
C. it has high value of specific heat
D. it is an oxide of hydrogen

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