University Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences
Department Aerospace Engineering
Subject Name Basics of Aerospace Engineering
Subject Code 14AE2030 / 18AE2045
Semester End Semester Exam April / May 2022
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Karunya University Basics of Aerospace Engineering Question Bank 

Download Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences Basics of Aerospace Engineering [14AE2030 / 18AE2045] End Semester Exam April / May 2022 Question Bank/ Question Paper.

Download All Karunya University Aerospace Engineering Question Bank Here

Download Karunya University Basics of Aerospace Engineering Question Bank

Basics of Aerospace Engineering End Semester April / May 2022 Question Bank Download Here

Karunya University Basics of Aerospace Engineering Questions

Part – A:
1. Who is referred as the father of aerial navigation?
2. The first human to be photographed in a flight was __________.
3. State the basic difference between atmospheric vehicles and space vehicles.
4. The tail end of the aircraft that assists in enabling stability of the flight is known as ___________.
5. The lift increases with increase in angle of attack until ________.
6. The force caused by air resistance that slows down an airplane is known as ___________.
7. Major aircraft component which holds the passengers along with cargo is called as __________.
8. Any part of the Aircraft structure that fails but is still permissible to fly due to the high reserve factor is known as ___________ structure.
9. Each material retains its separate chemical, physical, and mechanical properties in ____________.
10. The un-burned air mixes with the jet downstream at the nozzle in a __________ Engine.

Part – B :
11. State the features of Aerial steam carriage proposed by Samuel Henson.
12. State how roll motion is actuated in an aircraft.
13. Draw an aerofoil and identify the leading edge and training edge.
14. Quote the advantages and disadvantages of using wood for building aircraft structures.
15. Describe the use of thrust reversers in jet engines.
16. Define orbital velocity and escape velocity.

Part – C :
17. a. Discuss the contributions of sir Otto Lilienthal to the developments of aviation.
b. Describe the features and importance of the first successful flight by Wright brothers.

18. Discuss the 5 major parts of an aircraft and its functions with a neat sketch.
19. Describe the different phases of flight while the aircraft travels between two destinations.
20. Explain the structural parts of an aircraft wing.

21. a. Explain the working of a liquid propellant rocket and its types with line sketch.
b. Explain the different orbits used for positioning the satellites and its applications.

22. a. Reproduce the stress-strain curve of a composite material and a metal and examine the differences.
b. Name the secondary flight controls and explain the working of any 2 flight controls.

23. Explain the types of drag forces developed in aircrafts.

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