Board Karnataka Department of State Educational Research and Training [DSERT/ SCERT]
Exam National Means-cum-Merit Scholarship [NMMS]
Subject Scholastic Aptitude Test [SAT]
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Month & Year November 2019
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DSERT Karnataka NMMS SAT 2019 Question Paper

Download Karnataka Department of State Educational Research and Training [DSERT/ SCERT], Scholastic Aptitude Test [SAT] November 2019 Question Paper

Download DSERT Karnataka NMMS Previous Years Question Papers Here

Download DSERT Karnataka NMMS SAT 2019 Question Paper

Subject Question Paper
NMMS SAT November 2019 Download

DSERT Karnataka NMMS SAT 2019 Questions

1. The velocity of a car is 18ms-1. Its velocity in kmh-1 is:
1) 5 kmh-1
2) 50 kmh-1
3) 64.8 kmh-1
4) 70 kmh-1

2. The amplitude of sound wave determines its:
1) Period
2) Wavelength
3) Frequency
4) Volume

3. The natural tendency of objects to resist a change in their state is:
1) Force
2) Inertia
3) Mass
4) Steady state

4. The potential energy of an object with mass 2kg at a height 15m is:
1) 294 J
2) 270 J
3) 225 J
4) 147 J

5. A particle moves 3m north then 4m east and finally 6m south from its initial point. Then its total displacement is:
1) 5 m
2) 10 m
3) 13 m
4) 18 m

6. One Hertz is equal to:
1) 30 vibrations per second
2) 60 vibrations per second
3) 60 vibrations per minute
4) 30 vibrations per minute

7. Two persons pull a box in the same direction with 15N and 25N. If the net displacement of the box is 20m, then the work done is:
1) 300 J
2) 400 J
3) 500 J
4) 800 J

8. According to Newton’s third law of motion action and reaction acts on:
1) Different objects in opposite direction
2) Same object in same direction
3) Same object in opposite direction
4) Different objects in same direction

Instructions to Students:
1. This Question Booklet contains 90 questions.
2. All questions are compulsory. Each question carries one mark and there will be no negative marking.
3. Each correct answer will be awarded one mark.
4. Write your Eleven digit roll number as allotted to you in the admission ticket clearly on the test booklet.
5. If more than one oval is darkened for a given question, such answer is treated as wrong and no marks will be given.
6. Rough work can be done in the place provided in the Question Booklet.
7. The Student and Room Supervisor should sign in the OMR sheet in the space provided.
8. Candidate should return the answered OMR sheet only to the Room Supervisor before leaving the examination hall.
9. The calculator, mobiles and any other electronic equipments are not allowed inside the examination hall.
10. English version of the question paper will be considered as final, in case of any dispute arising out of variation in translation version.

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