Board Council For The Indian School Certificate Examinations [CISCE]
Class X
Subject Literature in English (English Paper – 2)
Semester 1
Download Specimen Question Paper 2022
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ICSE English 2 Semester 1 Specimen Question Paper 2022

Download Council For The Indian School Certificate Examinations [CISCE], ICSE Class X English 2 Semester 1 Specimen Question Paper 2022 PDF Online Free

Download ICSE Class X All Subjects Specimen Question Paper 2022 Here

Download ICSE English 2 Semester 1 Specimen Question Paper 2022

CISCE ICSE Class X English 2 Semester 1 Specimen Question Paper 2022 Download Here

ICSE English 2 Semester 1 Specimen Questions

Section A [10 x 1]:
1. The story, The Little Match Girl, was written by _______________ .
(a) Hans Christian Andersen
(b) Roald Dahl
(c) Ruskin Bond
(d) J.K. Rowling

2. The visions seen by the little girl in the short story, ‘The Little Match Girl’ reveal the four things she needed the most. They were ____________ .
(a) warmth, food, love and freedom from fear.
(b) food, shelter, warm clothes and a mother
(c) roast goose, new slippers, candy and a warm cup of tea.
(d) a warm over coat, food, a scarf, a pair of socks

3. Maya Angelou has used the caged bird as a symbol for _____________ .
(a) the oppressed
(b) the opressors
(c) feminist writers
(d) writers and activists.

4. The central message of Browning’s poem, ‘The Patriot’ is ___________________ .
(a) public adulation and glory are short lived.
(b) as you sow, so you reap.
(c) death comes to all people, even the rich and famous.
(d) God helps those who help themselves.

5. The Gujars mentioned in Norah Burke’s story, ‘The Blue Bead’ were _____________.
(a) wandering herdsmen
(b) Stone Age Hunters
(c) Hunter gatherers
(d) Primitive cultivators

6. Sibia lingered behind after the other women had left because _____________ .
(a) she didn’t want to have to help her mother with preparing the evening meal
(b) she wanted to check if her little clay cups were still in the cave where she had left them.
(c) she wanted to chat with the Gujar women who came to draw water from the river
(d) she was exhausted and she wanted to rest for a while

7. Tubal returns from Genoa with news both good and bad, for Shylock. Which of the following did he NOT say to Shylock?
(a) That he had met Jessica, Shylock’s daughter in Genoa.
(b) That in Genoa, he had heard news of Antonio’s misfortunes.
(c) That Jessica had spent eighty ducats in one night in Genoa.
(d) That he had been shown Shylock’s ring that Jessica had traded in Genoa for a monkey.

8. Soon after Portia and Bassanio declare their love for each other, another pair also declare their love for each other and ask to be married at the same time as Portia and Bassanio. They are _________ .
(a) Gratiano and Nerissa
(b) Gratiano and Jessica
(c) Lorenzo and Nerissa
(d) Lorenzo and Jessica

9. Bassanio rejected the golden casket because ______________ .
(a) he knew that Midas had found gold hard to digest.
(b) he knew that outward appearances are often deceptive.
(c) he found gold too shiny for his taste.
(d) he had been told which casket contained Portia’s portrait.

10. When Portia left for Venice she put _______________ in charge of her house.
(a) Lorenzo
(b) Jessica
(c) Gratiano
(d) Launcelot

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