Board Central Board of Secondary Education [CBSE]
Exam Name Central Teacher Eligibility Test [CTET]
Subject Name Paper 1 & 2
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Exam Date 01-01-2022
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CBSE CTET January 2022 Question Papers

Download Central Board of Secondary Education [CBSE], Central Teacher Eligibility Test [CTET] Paper 1 & 2 Question Paper [01-01-2022] Here

Download CBSE CTET January 2022 Question Papers

Subject Question Paper
Paper 1 [English and Hindi] Download Here
Paper 1 [Hindi and English ] Download Here
Paper 2 [English and Hindi MS] Download Here
Paper 2 [English and Hindi SS] Download Here
Paper 2 [Hindi and English MS] Download Here
Paper 2 [Hindi and English SS] Download Here

CBSE CTET January 2022 Exam Questions

Question Number : 1
Which of the following principle suggests that different body parts develop at different rates at various stages of development?

Options :
1. Development is unidimensional.
2. Development is unidirectional.
3. Development is a discontinuous process.
4. Direction of development is proximodistal and cephalocaudal

Question Number : 2
Which of the following statements is correct?

Options :
1. Children’s development takes place in a socio-cultural context.
2. Childhood is a period that can be divided into 10 distinct stages.
3. Children’s thinking is not influenced by social interactions.
4. Children’s development is solely determined by genetics.

Question Number : 3
The process of predetermined unfolding of genetic dispositions is called –

Options :
1. adaptation.
2. learning.
3. socialization.
4. maturation.

Question Number : 4
____________ is a primary and ___________ is a secondary agent of socialization.

Options :
1. family, school
2. media , family
3. school , media
4. media, neighbourhood

Question Number : 5
According to Lawrence Kohlberg , what is the primary basis for 7-8 year old children’s moral decision ?

Options :
1. Social order maintenance
2. Social – contract maintenance
3. Punishment and obedience
4. Universal Ethical Principal

Question Number : 6
Seriation in Jean’s Piaget’s theory refers to –

Options :
1. the ability to order objects based on one dimension, for example ‘length’.
2. the ability to take the perspective of others.
3. a narrative form of thinking as used in story telling.
4. the ability to spatially map places, like ones’ school.

Question Number : 7
Naseema, a 5 year old is certain that rolling out a ball of clay into a snake creates more clay. According to Jean Piaget what is the reasoning behind her thinking?

Options :
1. Animistic thinking
2. Centration
3. Hypothetic – deductive reasoning
4. Transitive Inference

Question Number : 8
Len Vygotsky offered a theory of cognitive development along the principal of?

Options :
1. social constructivism.
2. behaviourism.
3. psychoanalysis.
4. universalism

Question Number : 9
Which of the following is the term used by Len Vygotsky to describe child’s act of speaking to herself?

Options :
1. Private speech
2. Talk aloud
3. Scaffolding
4. Ego-centricism

Question Number : 10
Which of the following characterizes a progressive classroom?

Options :
1. Focus on drill and practice
2. Ability-based fixed segregation
3. Collaborative Learning
4. Use of rewards and punishment

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