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Download Senior Secondary Curriculum 2021-22
Classes Classes XII and XII
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CBSE Curriculum 2021-22

The Board annually provides curriculum for classes IX to XII for a given academic year containing academic content, syllabus for examinations with learning outcomes, pedagogical practices and assessment guidelines.

Download CBSE Secondary Curriculum 2021-22

CBSE has advised schools to adopt learning outcomes prescribed by NCERT annexed with the curriculum of each subject for classes IX-X to implement Competency Based Questions. The learning outcomes are long-term outcomes of school system that are expected to accomplish through the entire educational process.

Download CBSE Senior Secondary Curriculum 2021-22

Languages – (Group-L):

1. The Board has also provided Teachers Energized Resources which delineate learning outcomes by restating them into more precise and measurable learning objectives teachers need to use in their routine teaching in classrooms.

2.Teachers are required to write down their own learning objectives in line of learning outcomes of NCERT to meet the requirement of their unique class.

3. It is important that schools ensure curriculum transaction as per the directions given in the initial pages of the Curriculum document.

4.The subjects to be taught must be as per curriculum given. Before going through the syllabus, the teachers must be well-versed with the pedagogical approaches and strategies such as Art-Integrated Education, Experiential Learning, and Pedagogical Plans etc. given in the initial pages of the curriculum.

5. It is desirable that the head of the school takes a session on the important topics covered in initial pages of the curriculum with all the teachers before making annual pedagogical plan to ensure transaction for optimal learning.

6. Sample Question Papers with detailed design of the Question Paper will be made available on CBSE’s website in due course of time.

7. Schools are requested to share the curriculum available on including initial pages to all the teachers and students.

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