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Class 12th / XII
Download Sample Question Paper 2023-24
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CBSE Class XII Entrepreneurship Sample Question Paper

Download Central Board of Secondary Education [CBSE] Class 12th Entrepreneurship Sample Question Paper 2023-24 PDF Free Online

Download CBSE Class 12th All Subjects Sample Question Paper 2023-24 Here

Download CBSE Class XII Entrepreneurship Sample Question Paper

Class XII Entrepreneurship Sample Question Paper Download Here

CBSE Class XII Entrepreneurship Sample Questions

1. Environmental analysis is required by every firm to determine the opportunities and threats in an organisation. What is required to process and analyse the so obtained data?
a. Quantitative analysis
b. Qualitative analysis
c. PESTEL analysis
d. Both Quantitative and Qualitative analysis

2. ‘Shiny Teeth’ have been in the field of manufacturing toothpastes since 2010. They decided to foray into the field of other specialised products in oral hygiene. Initially they decided to promote their specialised products to a large audience in the same manner as how they have been promoting their toothpastes. Within a few months they realised that their promotion technique is not working. The marketing team analysed and came to the conclusion that the specialised products should be promoted to a specific target audience. This idea worked very well and the promotion was a success. Identify all the promotion strategies used by them?
i. Above the line
ii. Below the line
iii. Through the line

a. i only
b. ii only
c. i and ii
d. i, ii, iii

3. Mr. Dhambani is the CFO of Cherico Industries. He has to present the analysis of the financial health of the company during the last financial year, 2022-2023. He is making a presentation for the Annual Board Meet. To clearly explain the position he needs to work on:
i. Financial Plan
ii. Economic order quantity
iii. Return on Investment
iv. Break Even Analysis
v. Return on Equity

a. i and ii
b. ii and iii
c. iii and v
d. iv and v

4. Aarna industries started manufacturing ice-creams under the brand name ‘Tasty’. The company decided to use 3D animation techniques which will be projected on buildings. They chose several high raise buildings all over major metropolitan cities and started their advertising campaign. What form of media is the company using?
a. Television
b. Point of sale
c. Ambient
d. Cinema

5. Identify the various factors which will help the entrepreneur as well as the potential investor from the organisational plan.
i. Long-term effectiveness of the enterprise
ii. Profitability
iii. Specifying the types of skills needed and the roles that must be filled by the members
iv. the attitudes, behaviours, dress, communication styles etc., thus chalking out informal organisation

a. i and ii only
b. i, iii and iv only
c. i, ii, iii and iv
d. i, ii, iii

6. This promotional technique is deliberately planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organisation and public. This industry grew 12% to touch 1600 crore in FY19, according to the fourth ‘State of the Industry Survey 2019’ report by the Public Relations Consultants Association of India (PRCAI). While media relations continue to be the largest service, non-media relations services now contribute 53 per cent of the industry’s revenue. Identify the technique

a. Advertising
b. Sales Promotion
c. Personal Selling
d. Public Relations

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