Board Andhra Pradesh Directorate of Government Examinations
Class SSC [Class 10th/X] Public Examinations 2022
Subject Phy Science
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Year 2022
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BSE Andhra Pradesh SSC Phy Science Model Question Paper

Download BSE Andhra Pradesh SSC 2nd Language Phy Science Model Question Paper 2022 PDF Free Online.

Download BSE Andhra Pradesh SSC 2022 [All Subjects] Model Question Papers Here

Download BSE SSC Phy Science Model Question Paper

Subject Model Question paper
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BSE Andhra Pradesh Phy Science Maths Model Questions

Section – I :
1. ……………….. is defined as the degree of hotness or coldness.
2. Latent heat of vapourisation of water is ………………. ( )A) 500 cal/gm B) 540 cal/gm C) 80 K cal/gm D) 500 K cal/gm
3. Imagine and write which gas will be evolved generally when a metal reacts with an acid.
4. A : Aqueous sodium chloride is called brine solution ( )
B : Mg(OH)2 is alkali solution (Alkali)
K) Only A is true L) Only B is true
M) Both A and B are true N) Both A and B false
5. Write any one use of a lens in our daily life ?
6. Which is the coloured part that we see in our eye ?
7. When asked Swarup to give examples for Halogens, he stated as Flourine, Chlorine, Neon, Bromine. By observing the examples given by Swarup find and write which element is not a halogen among them.
8. According to octet rule ‘Argon’ demonstrates stability, assume and write how many electrons are there in it’s outer most orbit.
9. What is the SI unit of “Potential difference”.
10. Write name of any metal that is helpful in our daily life.

Section – II:
11. Write any two required materials to determine the focal length of a lens using UV method in laboratory?
12. What is least distance of distinct vision of a healthy human ?
13. Give any one example for Dobereiner’s Triads.
14. Write any other name of ‘Ionic Bond’.
15. What do you call a character of Electric conductor that opposes the motion of electron.
16. Write any two highly reactive metals you know

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