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Exam ALLEN Scholarship Admission Test [ASAT]
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ALLEN Scholarship Admission Test [ASAT]

ASAT is consist of multiple choice questions as per NCERT syllabus. A student has to qualify ALLEN Scholarship Admission Test to take Admission in Yearlong ALLEN Classroom Program at Kota Center. To register for ASAT, either fill the Application Form available at ALLEN Kota Center.

Download ALLEN Scholarship Admission Test [ASAT ] Sample Question Papers 2023 Here

Download ASAT 2021 Sample Papers

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Class VI to VII Download
Class VII to VIII Download
Class VIII to IX Download
Class IX to X Download
Nurture (X to XI Moving) Download
Enthusiast (XI to XII Moving) Download

ASAT 2021 Sample Questions

Class IX to X Mental Ability:
1. T is the son of P. S is the son of Q. T is married to R. R is Q’s daughter. How is S related to T?
(1) Brother
(2) Uncle
(3) Father-in-law
(4) Brother-in-law

2. If “PAPER” is written as “RDTJX”, “MOTHER” would be:
(4) None of these

3. A + B means A is the son of B, A – B means A is the wife of B, A × B means A is the brother of B, A ÷ B means A is the mother of B, A = B means A is the sister of B. Which of the following represents P is the maternal-uncle of Q?
(1) R × P ÷ Q
(2) P × R ÷ Q
(3) P + R ÷ Q
(4) P + R × Q

4. How many c’s are there in between two consonants in the following series? c a b c d c d c e c g c o c i c j c k c c k
(1) 4
(2) 5
(3) 6
(4) 11

5. I run along the sides of a square field ABCD where C is to the North-East of A and D is to the South-East of B. Starting from A in anti-clockwise direction, in which direction shall I be running after crossing C?
(1) East
(2) West
(3) North
(4) South

6. Find the missing letters/numbers of the series : Q1F, S2E, U6D, W21C, ?
(1) Y66B
(2) Y44B
(3) Y88B
(4) Z88B

7. Find the missing number in the place of Question mark. 32, 33, 37, 46, ? , 87
(1) 59
(2) 61
(3) 62
(4) None of these

8. If TRIANGLE is coded as SSHBMHKF, then SQUARE would be

Class IX to X Physics:
1. Identify a physical quantity which is not a vector.
(1) Displacement
(2) Acceleration
(3) Distance
(4) Force

2. Area under a ‘v-t’ graph represents a physical quantity which has the unit
(1) m
(2) m
(3) m
(4) m/s

3. The value of quantity ‘G’ in the law of gravitation
(1) depends on mass of earth only.
(2) depends on radius of earth only.
(3) depends on both mass and radius of earth.
(4) is independent of mass and radius of earth.

4. Work done is measured by :
(1) Force × time
(2) Mass × time
(3) Force × displacement
(4) Mass × distance

5. A canon after firing recoils due to
(1) conservation of energy
(2) backward thrust of gases
(3) Newton’s third law of motion
(4) Newton’s first law of motion

6. In SONAR, we use
(1) Ultrasonic waves
(2) Infrasonic waves
(3) Radio waves
(4) Audible sound waves

7. The force of attraction between two unit point masses seperated by a unit distance is called
(1) gravitational potential
(2) acceleration due to gravity
(3) gravitational field
(4) universal gravitational constant

8. The numerical ratio of displacement to distance for a moving object is
(1) less than 1
(2) equal to 1
(3) greater than 1
(4) less than or equals to 1

9. The gravitational force between two objects is F. If masses of both objects are halved without changing distance between them, then the gravitational force between them would become
(1) F/4
(2) F/2
(3) F
(4) 2F

10. What about the planets is true ?
(1) Heavenly bodies which revolve around the sun.
(2) Revolve in closed elliptical orbits.
(3) Have no light of their own.
(4) All of the above

Class IX to X Chemistry:
1. In washing machines, wet clothes are dried by using the process of
(1) Centrifugation
(2) Evaporation
(3) Sedimentation
(4) Filtration.

2. Pumice stone is an example of
(1) Gel
(2) Emulsion
(3) Foam
(4) Solid foam

3. A volatile liquid has :
(1) low b.p. and weaker interparticle forces.
(2) high b.p. and weaker interparticle forces.
(3) high b.p. and stronger interparticle forces.
(4) low b.p. and stronger interparticle forces

4. Which of the following describes a liquid state :
(1) Definite volume and definite shape.
(2) Definite volume and no definite shape.
(3) Definite shape but no definite volume.
(4) Neither definite shape nor definite volume.

5. Which statement is false about ‘True solution’ :
(1) It is homogeneous in nature
(2) It shows scattering when light is passed through true solution
(3) In true solution, particles of solute do not settle down
(4) A true solution can completely pass through filter paper

6. Which sub-atomic particle is not present in an ordinary hydrogen atom ?
(1) Proton
(2) Neutron
(3) Electron
(4) None of these

7. Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding solubility :
(1) Solubility of a solid in a liquid is always defined at a particular temperature
(2) Solubility of a solid in a liquid is negligibly affected by changes in pressure
(3) Solubility of a gas in a liquid increases with increase in temperature
(4) A saturated solution can be made unsaturated by adding some amount of solvent to the saturated solution

8. Which statement is correct regarding structure of an atom :
(1) Atom possess empty space
(2) Atom possess central nucleus
(3) Electrons revolve around the nucleus
(4) All of these

9. Select the correct statement :
(1) Diffusion is not possible in solids in any condition.
(2) Solids have limited free surfaces.
(3) Liquids always have fixed shape.
(4) None of these.

Class IX to X Biology:
1. Which among the following is/are prokaryote ?
(1) Pseudomonas bacteria
(2) Mycoplasma
(3) Nostoc (blue green algae)
(4) All of these

2. The wall of cork cells are thickened by the deposition of –
(1) Suberin
(2) Cutin
(3) Lignin
(4) Pectin

3. Which of the following resource is inexhaustible form of energy ?
(1) Solar energy
(2) Wind energy
(3) Tidal energy
(4) All of these

4. In plants cell wall is generally made up of –
(1) Chitin
(2) Cellulose
(3) Peptidoglycan
(4) None of these

5. Small pox and measles are caused by –
(1) Virus
(2) Protozoan
(3) Bacterium
(4) Nematode

6. The muscles bound connected to the bones are –
(1) Cardiac muscle
(2) Striated muscle
(3) Non striated muscle
(4) Involuntary muscle

Class IX to X Mathematics:
1. The dimensions of a hall are 40 m, 25 m and 20m. If each person requires 200 cubic metres. Then the number of persons who can be accommodated in the hall are :
(1) 120
(2) 150
(3) 140
(4) 100

2. The figure formed by joining the mid-points of consecutive sides of a quadrilateral is :
(1) square
(2) rectangle
(3) rhombus
(4) parallelogram

3. Which of the following is the correct sequence to draw a perpendicular bisector of line segment :
(A) Draw a line segment of required length
(B) Join the point of intersection of the intersecting arcs
(C) Draw two arcs on each side by taking end points as centre and more than half the length of line segment as radius

(1) ABC
(2) ACB
(3) BAC
(4) None of these

4. The average weight of 10 men is decreased by 3 kg when one of them whose weight is 80 kg is replaced by a new person. The weight of the new person is :
(1) 70
(2) 60
(3) 50
(4) 73

5. If the length of a diagonal of a quadrilateral is given then we can construct
(1) a parallelogram
(2) a rhombus
(3) a square
(4) None of these

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