Board Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education [RBSE / BSER]
Class Class 12th/Class XII
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Year 2021
Subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Geography, English Compulsory, Hindi Compulsory, Drawing, English Literature, Hindi Literature, History, Home Science, Political Science, Social Studies, Punjabi Literature, Business Studies
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Rajasthan Class 12th Question Bank 2021

Download Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education [RBSE / BSER] Prayas/Question Bank for Class XII Exam 2021

Download RBSE Rajasthan Class 10th Question Bank 2021 Here

Download Class 12th Question Bank 2021

Rajasthan Class 12th English Literature Sample Questions

Q.1 Caption Hagberd went from colchester to Cole brook(tomorrow)
A . To buy a new house
B. In search of his son
C. To start a new business
D. All of above

Q.2 what did Eveline promise to do before her mother’s death(Eveline)
A. Maintain the family house
B.Get education
C.Marry a nice man
D.Poison her father’s soup

Q.3 Who visits the store(A cup of tea)

Q.4 Which river appear in Raja Rao’s kanthapura(cow of Barricades)

Q.5 The story takes place in this city (A cup of tea)
A. Chicago
C.New York
D San Francisco

Q.6What is the profession of Eveline ‘s lover (Eveline)

Q.7 The poem primarily describes a romantic relationship in terms of
A.light and dark
C.Day time

Q.8 The things which is eternal (on time)
C.Selfless love
D.Selfish love

Q.9 Which of the following reflects the poet’s attitude towards communal disharmony (time and time again)
A .critical condemnation
B.Helpless acceptance
C.wistful lament
D.None of above

Q.10 “Faith makes one”
Fill in the blanks with correct alternative
A kind
B Neutral
C indifferent
D Unkind

Q.1captain Hagberd wanted his son to employ with: (to-morrow)
A. a ship building company
B.a company of advocates
C.shipping corporation
D.All of above

Q.2 How does Eveline intend to leave Dublin to elope with her lover
A.By boat
B.By train
C.On foot
D.In a carriage

Q.3 If Rosemary wanted to shop,she would go to(A cup of tea)
A.Regent street
B.Curzon street
D.All of the above

Q.4 The workmen laid down their arms because(The Cow of the Berricades)
A.The master was against violence
B.They thought it was impossible to take on the enemy
C They felt uplifted,and felt that cow would somehow protect them
D.All of above

Q.5 “so whilst our infant loves did grow…….
What does “infant love” mean here?(lecture upon shadow)
A.Baby’s love
B.Love at its initial stage
C.Love in its maturity
D.Mutual love

Q.6″lazy leaden…….stepping hours” denotes time asA. Fast
D.very slow

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