Board Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education [MPBSE]
Class Class 12th / HSC
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Year 2022-23
Subject English
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MPBSE Class 12th English Model Question Paper

Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education [MPBSE] Class 12th / HSC English Model Question Paper 2022-23

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MPBSE Class 12th English Sample Questions

Section-A (Reading):
Q.1. Read the passages and answer the questions that follow. 1×10=10

The four-year tiger census report, Status of Tigers in India, 2018, released by Prime Minister Narendra Modi shows numbers of the cat have increased across all landscapes.

The Global Tiger Forum, an international collaboration of tiger-bearing countries, has set a goal of doubling the count of wild tigers by 2022. More than 80% of the world’s wild tigers are in India, and it’s crucial to keep track of their numbers.

The total count in 2018 has risen to 2,967 from 2,226 in 2014 — an increase of 741 individuals an increase of 33%, in four years. This is by far the biggest increase in terms of both numbers and percentage since the four- yearly census using camera traps and the capture-mark-recapture method began in 2006.

The 2018 figure has a great degree of credibility because, according to the report, as many as 2,461 individual tigers (83% of the total) have actually been photographed by trap cameras. In 2014, only 1,540 individuals (69%) were photographed. The tiger census is needed because the tiger sits at the peak of the food chain, and its conservation is important to ensure the wellbeing of the forest ecosystem. The tiger estimation exercise includes habitat assessment and prey estimation.

The numbers reflect the success or failure of conservation efforts. This is an especially important indicator in a fast- growing economy like India where the pressures of development often run counter to the demands of conservation.

Where has the tiger population increased the most? The biggest increase has been in Madhya Pradesh — a massive 218 individuals (71%) from 308 in 2014 to 526. However, since tigers keep moving between states, conservationists prefer to talk about tiger numbers in terms of landscapes.

So, why have the numbers gone up? The success owes a lot to increased vigilance and conservation efforts by the Forest Department. From 28 in 2006, the number of tiger reserves went up to 50 in 2018, extending protection to larger numbers of tigers over the years. Healthy increases in core area populations eventually lead to migrations to areas outside the core; this is why the 2018 census has found tigers in newer areas. Over the years, there has been increased focus on tigers even in the areas under the territorial and commercial forestry arms of Forest Departments.

The other important reason is increased vigilance, and the fact that organized poaching rackets have been all but crushed. According to Nitin Desai of Wildlife Protection Society of India, there has been no organized poaching by traditional gangs in Central Indian landscapes since 2013.

The increased protection has encouraged the tiger to breed. Tigers are fast breeders when conditions are conducive. The rehabilitation of villages outside core areas in many parts of the country has led to the availability of more inviolate space for tigers. Also, because estimation exercises have become increasingly more accurate over the years, it is possible that many tigers that eluded enumerators in earlier exercises were counted this time.

i. The Global Tiger Forum comprises –
a. National Geographic and World Wildlife Fund.
b. America and the European Union.
c. all countries of the United Nations.
d. countries which have tigers.

ii. The biggest increase in tiger population has been between the years
a. 2002-2006
b. 2010-2014
c. 2006-2010
d. 2014-2018

iii. The year 2022 marks the target date for –
a. doubling the count of India’s tiger population.
b. tripling India’s tiger population.
c. tripling the world tiger population.
d. doubling the count of world tiger population.

iv. 2018 census on the big cat has been the most reliable because
a. it photographed 83% of the tigers.
b. it photographed 1540 tigers.
c. it photographed all living tigers of India.
d. it only uses the capture-mark-recapture

v. The survival of the tiger is vital today because
a. it promotes tourism in India and increases revenue.
b. it is central to the food chain and the eco system.
c. it is now on the verge of extinction.
d. it is no longer a threat to the villagers’ safety.

vi. Researchers refer to places where tigers are found not by states but by the term
a. deep forests
b. ecosystems
c. landscapes
d. green belts

vii. What is the tiger population of Madhya Pradesh?
a. 741
b. 50
c. 28
d. 526

viii. Which of the following statements is NOT true as per the passage?
a. Poaching gangs have been reduced drastically.
b. There are more reliable ways of data collection.
c. The tiger reserves have increased to 50 in 2018.
d. Forest departments have become more watchful.

ix. Which of the followings has been the impact of providing inviolate spaces for tigers?
a. Tiger numbers have increased due to safe breeding places.
b. The poachers have been caught in these spaces very easily.
c. Tigers have moved from Uttar Pradesh to Madhya Pradesh.
d. The number of villagers killed by man eater tigers has increased.

x. Which of the following words is similar in meaning to: CONDUCIVE
a. reclusive
b. hindering
c. helpful
d. unfavourable

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