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Kerala Samastha Madrassa Syllabus

Download Samastha Kerala Sunni Vidyabhyasa Board Madrassa Examination Syllabus Online

Dakshin Bharath Hindi Prachar Sabha [DBHPS] Question Paper

Download Kerala Samastha Madrassa Syllabus

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Kerala Samastha Language & Script

The The Board of Islamic Education manifests its curriculum, comprising the faith, the recitation of Quran, the language of Arabic and its grammar, the jurisprudence, the morality and the history in simple and scientific manner.

The psychological approach of the syllabus is really admirable; where the customs and convictions of Islam and its rituals, the moral values and also the rules and regulations of jurisprudence as per the accepted four schools of share-at stressing on the Shafi and Hanafi are taught sufficiently.

The ambiguous spiritual lessons and the enigmatic ritual practices with its complexity in nature are described so simply and in a sophisticated method to be digested easily to all the students as per the gradation.

Al Aqaid (Belief In Islam)
Considering the present excessive influence of materialism and wide spread western modernization, the fundamentals of Islam and its convictions are misunderstood by young generation. The infidels, the atheists and the religious innovators with in Islam are trying to make the minds of the new generation in utter confusion.

So in order to strengthen the faith and to make them ready to resist the adverse situation, the lessons of AQAID are made so logical and easily digestible to the students. It also tries to make the children understand the ephemeral nature of this world and the endurance of the creator and his greatness in creation and in sustaining the universe so as to make students virtuous.

Fiqh (Jurisprudence)
The rituals and mode of offerings in Islam has been elaborately described in the text. The enigmatic ritual practices in the Shariat has been explained in the text with clarity and viability. The systematic method adopted in the syllabus makes the rituals practicable to the students.

The mode of offerings and its pre-requisites, integrals, recommendation & prohibitions, lawful & unlawful, ritual purities & impurities are all simplified and explained with so precisely and with perfect clarity.

Thaskiyat (Moral Lessons)
There are books referring AHLAQ (good manners) for primary level to educate and train the younger generation in the Islamic way of living and in secondary level a series of books namely DURUSU THAZKIYA in simple Arabic are introduced which contain the life history of prophets, great imams, and saints of the religion.

These books are also mixed with the anecdotes, short stories which help the students to get an acquaintance with the exemplary lives of the great luminaries of Islam and to imitate them. Through these series of books students are able to go through eminent personalities in Islam among whom there are a hundreds of sahabies and sahabiyath, imams of madhabs, Islamic savants and other Islamic scholars.

Thariq (Islamic History)
The study of the inspiring history of Islam shall indeed leave an ever lasting impact in the minds of children. The exemplary life of the predecessors and sacrifices they have met in preaching mission of Islam, and faith and piety they have observed, and the achievements they have made shall always become a stimulating effect on the future generation. 

Quran Studies:
The Board has given more emphasis in making the students directly touched with the Holy Qur-an and regularize the system of teaching it specifically in its syllabus. The recital of the Holy Qur-an is being taught as per the strict Quranic rules and regulations (Thajveed). 

Annahv-Wa-Saraf (Study Of Arabic Grammar And Morphology)
The old method of teaching grammar with separate books has been rejected by the board instead, the Board adopted the present system of teaching the grammar through the lessons comprised the text books and it suggests the teachers to make discussions on grammatical points contained in the Arabic lessons of the prescribed texts and its details of which with examples are given in the activities of the last part of every chapters.

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