Party Name Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)
Founded By Arvind Kejriwal
Service  Apply For Membership Online
Eligibility Indians & NRIs
Headquarters New Delhi
Official Website

Aam Aadmi Party

Aam Aadmi Party is India’s fastest growing political party. Join as a member today and help shape the future course of politics in India.

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Who Can Become A Member?

As per the Constitution of Aam Aadmi Party, any citizen of India of the age of 18 years or above who subscribes to the objectives of the Party shall be eligible to become a member of the Party, provided that he or she:

1. Is not a member of any other political Party registered with the Election Commission of India;
2. Is not a member of any organization whose views, policies or actions are in conflict with the objectives of the Party; and/or
3. Has not been convicted of any offence involving moral turpitude

How To Become A Member?

1. Go to the AAP Membership Page 
2. Fill the Form
3. Agree the Declaration and
4. Submit


I am above 18 years , and not enrolled as a government employee. I am not a member of any other political party registered with the Election Commission of India. I am not a member with any organization whose views, policies or actions are in conflict with the objective of the party.

I have not been convicted of any offense involving moral turpitude. I hereby consent to receiving any communication from the party either in writing, electronically and/or in any audio-visual format via phone (including SMS/MMS), email and/or at my address.

Aam Aadmi Party History

In April 2011, a civil society movement was born in the backdrop of big ticket corruption scandals that came to light during the Congress-led UPA regime. A group of activists from varied backgrounds had come together to demand the enactment of the Jan Lokpal Bill – a legislation that had been stuck in Parliamentary committees for decades.

With public anger against corruption building up with every expose that came from the news media, the demand for a strong law that could deal with a corrupt political establishment found widespread support among ordinary Indians. Under the banner of India Against Corruption, Indians rose up in protest against the government of the day, demanding the Jan Lokpal be passed immediately.

Spanning over two years, across hundreds of cities, towns and villages, lakhs of people mobilised themselves for this cause. Protest marches, gheraos of politicians, social media campaigns – a revolution had begun.

Led by social activist Anna Hazare, thousands of people in several locations sat on fasts on three separate occasions to build support for the Jan Lokpal Bill, and pressure the government into acting on people’s demand. At the end of the third and final fast, despite all efforts of the IAC, the Parliament had still not come around to passing the Jan Lokpal.

The failure of the government to agree to the people’s demands was the result of the deeply entrenched corruption that had decayed India’s political establishment.

A Jan Lokpal was directly detrimental to the interests of the political parties and their leaders. That’s when one section of IAC activists, led by Arvind Kejriwal, decided that the only way to rid this country of corruption was to join politics, enter government and clean up the system from within. Thus began the journey of the anti-corruption protest towards the political revolution called the Aam Aadmi Party.

Aam Aadmi Party Contact

Aam Aadmi Party
206, Rouse Avenue
Deen Dayal Upadhyay Marg , ITO
New Delhi – 110002

Call : +91 9718500606/+91 9818500606
Email :

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