Board Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education [HPBOSE]
Class 5th
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Subject All Subjects
Year 2023
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HPBOSE Class 5th Model Question Paper 2023

Download Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education [HPBOSE] Class 5th [All Subjects] Model Question Paper 2023

Download HPBOSE All Classes Model Question Paper 2023 Here

Download HPBOSE Class 5th Model Question Paper 2023

Class 5th Model Question Paper 2023 [All Subjects] Download Here

HPBOSE Class 5th English Model Questions 2023

1. Read the passage carefully and answer the following questions:
Once upon a time, not so very long ago, there was a small boy called Hari. Although he wasn’t very big. He was strong, and he loved to tease all the boys and girls who went to school with him.What he loved to do most was to pinch. He could make a big bruise appear in half a second. Another trick he played was pricking people with a pin.

1. Who was Hari?
2. What was he love to do most?
3. Write the opposite of word “appear”.
4. Give the full form of ‘wasn’t.

2. Answer the following questions:-
1. What are the two things that the Ice-cream Man is selling?
2. Why did the geese cry, “Help Help”?
3. Why did Robinson pray when he saw the foot print?
4. Can you cry when you are happy?
5. Where was Rip’s village situated?
6. Who was the quiet one in the class?
7. How Topsy Turvy land is different from our land?
8. What kind of child was “Sanatombi”?

3. True and False:
1. The Barber was shaving the Sultan’s beard.
2. Children go to school at day in “Topsy-Turvy Land”.
3. Gulliver was a sailor.
4. The boy share his toffee and tricycle with others.
5. All the children hati Hari.
6. Train is a mode of transport.

4. Fill in the blanks:
1. Day by day I float my paper boats in a ………… stream.
2. Malu was a ………… blalu.
3. Sanatombi was loved by one and …………
4. The old woman who recognised Rip was …………
5. Fred is a very ………… frog.

5. Correct the words given below: Breez, hiding, gingo, lzay.

6. Write the sentences in correct order:
1. colour of the black is ant the.
2. land on it lives.

7. Change the gender:
geese, dog, horse, man.

8. Change the number:
day, fly, man, mango.

9. Write opposite words:
empty, in, first, high.

10. Write synonym of:
big, happy, cold, goal.

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